Ten Tips for Women for Getting Ahead at Work

Nobody knows how to make it like those who have. Which of these top ten tips from top women business leaders will make the difference for your career this year? ...more

G. stands for GIRL

LONDON circa. 1998more

The White House Project in the Age of Sarah Palin and the Mama Grizzlies

But not everyone should run. Over the years, I’ve seen workshops like these encourage women who lack the skills/temperament/politics which are a good fit for their district take up supporters’ time and money on doomed campaigns. Every successful woman candidate needs a good team behind her and that’s the role I’ve played, but I have become increasingly resentful of candidates with little or no chance to win asking me for my time/money. ...more

Mata, I'm disappointed, in a fact based debate, we cite our sources. That is what you are asking ...more

The Many Many Reasons to Attend The White House Project Workshop at BlogHer '10

Why do I blog? I started to mull over this question when I began preparations for the upcoming White House Project Workshop at BlogHer '10 on August 5. This workshop is designed to help women bloggers with political and public policy interests take their leadership one step further, and to help them explore opportunities for leadership in the public sector. ...more


Looking forward to it. Part of our mission at Hello Ladies is to ...more

Blogging Your Way Into Elected Office, or How I Learned to Balance Poles and Spin Plates

I've written before about how, without BlogHer, I would never have been on CNN, the BBC or in the NPR studios throughout the 2008 general election night. But the transition from noted, national (and sometimes even paid!) political blogger to public servant (in my case, Pepper Pike City Council Member) is far more infrequent than you might imagine. And, in my opinion, absolutely too rare....more

Looking forward to meeting you! And I really like your blog. Great name.


So Tired Of Singing The Glass Ceiling Blues

I want to be done with the glass ceiling. Completely done. I don't want to think about it. I don't want to talk about it. And, I certainly don't want to believe all those rumors on why it exists. ...more

Interesting observations.  I think about the glass ceiling a lot, if only because I ...more

Democratic National Convention Historic Firsts 1972 to 2008, 36 Years on the Chisholm Trail

    Aug. 16, 2008, magnin@WalkAMileInOurShoes.org Democratic National Convention Historic Firsts 1972 to 2008, 36 Years on the Chisholm Trail, Glorious Milestone in Human History ...more