What do you mean you don't drink Coffee- What would a Mormon in the White House really mean

 I love politics, and I not really sure where this love came from. However, I think it started because of a really great high school history teacher and a deep love for the TV show The West Wing....more

The White House Teams Up with Monster.com: Will it Help Job Seekers?

Starting today through November 14, 2010, job seekers can visit the Monster.com Facebook page and post questions to the Obama Administration regarding America's employment climate. The intention is that questions that garner a lot of comments or rack up the "Likes" will be answered by the White House via video responses posted online. Mashable announced this news recently and the comments are already flowing. As with any high-profile partnership between the White House and say, anybody, questions abound. Most important among them, will this sort of forum truly benefit most out of work Americans ...more

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It is awesome when people learn from each other. Where I see ...more

Talking to the White House About the Impact of the Recession on Women

On this past Thursday, the White House hosted a small conference call for online media with senior administration officials to discuss the impact of the recession on women and how the Administration's agenda is affecting women. ...more

Absolutely there are. I'm sorry I didn't make sure to get that in - I have to say, they way ...more

Community College Summit: the Answer to Unemployment Frustration?

Today, Dr. Jill Biden, Vice Presidential First Lady, and President Obama hosted the White House Summit on Community College to highlight the importance of two-year colleges as a stepping stone to a college degree and a way for mid-career adults to retool or retrain. ...more

Any step toward higher education is a good step!

I attended a very large community college in ...more

The White House *Hearts* Women Entrepreneurs

When you get an invitation to the White House, you go. Especially when the occasion is the White House Women's Entrepreneurship Conference and the release of new data on how women business owners have been faring since the late 1990s, as well as new efforts to support women in their efforts to create successful businesses. ...more

... to back up the claims about women seeking less, though anecdotally it may not seem that ...more

Christian or Muslim? That Is the Question!

While most of us concern ourselves with daily battles within our own little world - shuffling between home and career,trying to maintain healthy relationships, balancing the family budget, there are some thing going on in our nation right now that we had better think about and respond to....more

Those images worth a thousand soundbites: new White House Vlog

With its new, weekly video log -- "West Wing Week" -- the Obama administration is offering a pearl beyond price (no sarcasm intended), it seems to me. ...more

Obama Admin: Why We Shouldn't Regulate Internships

Imagine that you're graduating from college soon. With unemployment at 10 percent, do you have a chance of getting a job when competing with experienced workers? What are your options? For many recent college graduates, they take internships. It's not ideal, but it often gives new workers experience and puts their foot in the door when openings do come up. That option may not exist much longer. ...more

I think this is rather misleading. Are you aware there is criteria for-profits must follow ...more

White House Closes Loophole in Title IX Legislation

Today United States Vice President Joe Biden announced that the White House was withdrawing a Bush Administration interpretation of Title IX policy. The policy in question allowed for a loophole that allowed for a less than strict compliance with the rules of Title IX.From Jill Dougherty, CNN:...more