A White Girl's Thoughts on Acting White.

I am a white girl. My eyes are brown, my skin slightly olive, and in its natural state my hair is very dark brown. Where ever I live, I look like whatever the popular miscellaneous minority is; I have been mistaken for Italian in New York, Native Alaskan in Alaska, Native American in Kansas, and Puerto Rican/Cuban in Florida....more
There is only one, grave issue I had with this piece, and I was really surprised to see that no ...more

Oh, Dakota.

That is how I feel every day. ...more

Canadians and Mondays

(Reference at 4:53.) In case the video goes away, Russell Peters informs the Def Comedy Jam audience that some white guy (and his friends) in Boston calls black people "Mondays." Why? "'Cause nobody likes Mondays." Which leads me to this article from Feministe: But some of my best friends are Canadian!, by Jill. ...more