White Swim Club Invites Black and Hispanic Children Back But Parents Say Lawsuit

A white swim club voted on Monday, July 13, to ask the black and Hispanic children that members kicked out to come back to the pool. Last week the Internet roiled with outrage at the Valley Swim Club of Huntington Valley, Pa., after its members ousted the young campers. Some people were flabbergasted that its president spoke freely saying the children's presence would "change the complexion of the club." ...more

I think it's terribly sad that these segregated places still exist. I don't know if I would want ...more

Intersection: Two Lives in a Parking Lot

I watch the full grocery cart as it all but runs away from the dark little bow-legged old woman in the Whole Foods parking lot. Her low braid dances down her back as she hurtles behind it. ...more

The chicken came first.

On Race and YA Lit, by Neesha Meminger, Racialicious. ...more