One Pot Madness!

 I can honestly say that if there's one thing that really depresses me, it's coming home after a very busy day, starving, and being faced with cooking solo with no plan. Ugh. I'm hungry, I'm tired, and there's nobody here to help in any way. It happens to the best of us. And for those of us who don't have a nice mother-type nearby to pity us and feed us, what on earth does that leave for us to do?...more

Sunday Pasta™: Penne con Fagioli Bianchi (White Beans)

In the real world, a triathlete runs, swims, and bikes for most of the day. In New York, a triathlete does Physique57, Spins, and shops for most of the day. If you add in 10 miles of power walking in knee highs and a mini skirt, the NYC calorie burn probably exceeds that of an Iron Man....more

Healthy for Dinner: White Beans, Olive Oil and Basil

Are you serious about eating smart? Are you watching your wallet? Are you crazy for great food? ...more

Bitches on a Budget, I definitely agree with you that white beans are an excellent ingredient to ...more

White beans and thyme

On Tuesday I shared my first salad from my garden. But I didn’t share what I ate with it! I picked some fresh thyme from the Bistro Garden and felt inspired to make some navy beans....more

Slow Roasted Italian Pork Roast with Rosemary White Beans

This dish is what the Bennett crew calls “pork and beans”.  Most definitely not the traditional pork and beans I grew up on, you know, the kind that is heavily laced with barbeque sauce and lots of smoky bacon.  And although the traditional pork and beans is delicious, this Italian slow roasted pork with rosemary white beans is a lovely and aro...more

Spinach-Artichoke Dip

As I’ve mentioned in some other posts, I was let go from my job earlier this year and am looking for my next opportunity.  On Monday, it was my turn to host my job search networking/support group.  Aside from having to scrub my apartment and hide the pile of recipes that I seem to pull but never get to trying, this also meant that I was to provide some snacks.With a reputation as a food person and with everyone knowing about this site, I knew that making a few treats was going to be the way to go. This was a good excuse to pull out some tried and true favorites.  At the end of the meeting, there wasn’t much left for me to put away, so I can only assume that everyone enjoyed the eats.  Here’s what the menu looked like:...more

Fall Food: White Bean Soup with Spinach and Meatless Chicken

As I write this, it’s 65-ish degrees here in Los Angeles.  It's soup weather!...more