The one with my awful staining...and ASP Whitening Paste!

I knew that Essence Bella would stain my nails. It's stained my nails every time I've worn it. I thought I'd found a way to combat it - two thick coats of two very thick clear polishes acting as my base. Boy was I wrong......more

Whiter Teeth: A Simple How-To

We were all born with brilliant white teeth but teeth lose their whiteness as we age. That's why white teeth are so attractive -- they're associated with the energy of youth. While tooth discoloration caused by over-flouridation, tooth damage or medications cannot be bleached away, common yellowing of the teeth caused by staining from foods can usually be corrected quite easily. (Perhaps too easily. Have you seen Joe Biden's teeth? No, really have you? You should. The chronicles are quite funny.)...more
Wow, $500 is a bit expensive. I got mine for $250 (half of yours). I call 877-639-0820 to get a ...more