Creative White Noise

Do you need to stay focused on a project but it's just too darn quiet to think? Research indicates that white noise, the background noise that's typical of busy coffeehouses and cafes, help keep you focused and productive.  And you don't even have to go to your favorite local hot spot to get a white noise background anymore....more
Hey! I strongly agree with you, I have tested and it works for me because my brother can't stop ...more

Should My Baby Sleep With White Noise?

I've talked about white noise more than once, but I'm always getting questions about it (is it safe?, is it a sleep prop?) so I thought it was about time I gave my (expanded) two cents on it.... continue reading. Rachel,

White noise is only an accommodation for ADHD, not a cure!

Wow! Talk about putting a band-aid on wound...This piece is about using white noise (pumped in through headphones) to help kids with ADHD concentrate. The idea is that it "masks irritating or distracting noises" so they can focus. ...more