'Whitney and Bobbi Kristina' Book Reveals Tragedy Of Whitney Houston And Bobbi Kristina

Bobbi Kristina Brown mourned the loss of Whitney Houston, and now the world fears that the 22-year-old will be mourned in a similar way. But what happened on Jan.  31, the fateful day when the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney was found unconscious in a bathtub?  ...more

Own Your Sparkle

 If you've been anywhere near the Internet, Social Media, or a television for the last month, you like the rest of us, we're inundated by countless ads and messages urging us to "Go see Sparkle", It was a "must see", If you didn't see it "your life was over"...we'll maybe not that last part, but it was something to that effect; The promoters were definitely pitching it as the movie of the century....more

Michael, Whitney, Amy ...

Original post on xoxoxo eI have been wondering from time to time why the passing of Whitney Houston seemed more like a blip on the radar to me than the death of Michael Jackson, which at times, still seems surreal. Or even Amy Winehouse, while though not unexpected, seems tragic. One doesn't want to show disrespect to the recently deceased, but I can't help but feel that the end to Whitney's story was inevitable....more

if i you'd read this (celebrity) i'd write you:

Blog Directoryupstairs neighbor:when you come down the stairs can you walk instead of run? and can you talk outside and not on your phone?wtmd (89.7) independant music radio station= towson, md:i really liked the 5 o'clock shadow, "go daddy go" yesterday for "cee lo green and the violent femmes. but honestly who's version do you like better?bobby brown...more



It's All Part of the Plan

God's been getting a lot of press lately. The Knicks' Jeremy Lin tributes God to his success, from a Higher Powered-inspired perseverance to his miraculous, clutch, game-winning 3 point shots. At Whitney Houston's funeral yesterday afternoon, a moving event held inside a Newark, NJ Baptist church, I thought God was going to somehow figure out a way to run a crawl or button on the screen's lower third thanking everybody for the continuous shout-outs. ...more

What Whitney Houston's Death Can Teach Us

As many music fans mourn the death of Whitney Houston, her family and friends gather to celebrate her life. Taken back to her roots and in her church she was remembered. Not as a singer belonging to the world but simply a girl who lived with both the power and vulnerability that comes with saying “Yes” to life....more

Chris Brown and Whitney Houston: Entertainment Industry Fails Black Women

Chris Brown's "comeback" at the 2012 Grammys -- on the heels of the untimely death of Whitney Houston -- is a sad commentary as to how far society has to go in terms of respecting Black women....more
I don't think either the Chris Brown or Whitney Houston examples is as bad as the decision to ...more

Who Are You Beyond Your Work?

I've been mulling this question over quite a bit in the last week. I was trying to figure out - what is that catchy post title that bridges the gap between the public tragedies like the death of Whitney Houston and our everyday lives? While I don't have a catchy title, I do believe the essence of all of this is simple, so I will ask you the question: Do you know what you have in common with Whitney, Amy Winehouse, Demi Moore, the millionaires in the NBA, or < fill in the blank of any public figure...>? You are human. They are human. ...more

Whitney Houston; Divinely Inspired Pop

I'm certain the obituaries will ebb and flow with equal amounts of judgment and praise.  Like Michael Jackson their top tier talent left us long before their bodies did; you don't soar to those heights without the gods of gravity playing their fickle game. ...more