Today's Outrage: Whole Foods Addresses Outrage With National Guardsmen By Feeding Kids

Note: From the time I first started writing this post until I went to get links for the post, I see that Whole Foods has already addressed the issue. Whole Foods is now working with the Baltimore County Recreation and Parks to provide food to the kids.  ...more

Whole Foods Whole Headache

Whole Foods has a problem. Actually Whole Foods has created a problem for itself.As more and more Americans become educated on how, where and when their food is grown and delivered, more consumers are making better educated choices about their food. However, as more people become educated that also means more people are asking questions. Additionally, with the instant gratification of the internet, people expect answers immediately....more

To Your Health!!

Long-term Health!!So I've recently been thinking about how to help people get healthier and for them to actually stick to doing it. I haven't come up with the solution yet, but what I'm coming to realize is that we all have to invest in it. That's right, we have to invest in our health the same way we would invest in our retirement accounts....more

Eating Healthfully When Gluten-Free

Photo Credit: nettsu via Compfight cc...more

Bury Me in Whole Foods

When I die, bury me in Whole Foods,that I might look upon the glistening bundles of organic parsley(gluten free)the tidy bars of paper-encased soaps(dairy free)the hooded samples of all-corn tortilla chips(dye free)the blue-capped nut butters(paraben free)the ribbed pats of salmon resting on their skins(fat free)the lines of parked Subarus(oil free)the college hipsters, arms full of Annie's, cracking sugar free and drinking Kombucha at checkout.(nut free)....more
Denise We don't have a Fresh Market nearby, sadly.  Or maybe that's a good thing; no temptation ...more

Hello and Welcome to Food: Clean & Simple!

Congrats on taking the first step to starting your own food blog! I can't wait to see your first ...more

15 Things to do with overly ripe bananas

15 Things To Do With Overly Ripe Bananas I despise looking at brown bananas. They look pathetic really, but rather than tossing them there are some great recipes for their use....more

Chunky Marinara

Chunky Marinara Sauce I have always wanted to try ground turkey, because I am not a huge red meat eater. But, I could never convince my husband to give up his beef and replace with a healthier alternative. So I decided to just do it. First, we tried Turkey burgers; lucky for me little Miss will eat anything....more

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

I had a dream about chocolate zucchini bread; I had to make it! My chocolate cravings are even finding me in my sleep! This is an adapted recipe from Living healthy with chocolate, the orignal recipe is here. This was exactly what I was looking for; whole ingredients, natural, gluten free!Ingredients:...more

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Power Bites

My chocolate cravings have kicked up since srtarting this clean eating plan. I needed something quick, but still sticking with whole foods.This recipe is adapted from My whole Food Life. I changed it up a bit; the orginal recipe is here. Ingredients:...more