Rice Pudding with Mixed Fruits In Three Simple Steps

We finally decided to give it a try – rice pudding. It seems like a favourite among the Westerners here, and in any case, curiosity finally got the better of us, so, here goes!...more

Wheat Songe Cake


Whole Wheat Apple Cake

This recipe was first published in New York Times, September 30, 1973 under the name of Teddie’s Apple Cake. Jess from Sweet Amandine blog adapted that recipe and made it with whole wheat flour. Similar to her, I used mixture of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour, but omitted raisins and replaced walnuts with almonds, simply because I didn’t have any in my house at the time of baking....more

Pancakes for my Poops

Pancakes for my Poops...more

Chicken Fajitas

 I love fajitas for a very important reason, a reason near and very dear to my heart; they’re fast!  There is nothing like having a healthy, low fat, satisfying dinner (that Mike loves) that is prepped AND cooked in under 20 minutes.  A girls favourite!!!  Making your own seasoning blend is easy and you control not only the heat but the salt as well.  Try it out, so yummy!http://lisagcooks.com/lisa-g-news/chicken-fajitas/...more

Homemade Whole Wheat Cheddar Burger Buns

These burger buns didn’t last a whole day in my house. I literally mean, within announcing that they were finished they were devoured.Every.Single.Last.One.I won’t waste time telling you everything about these buns, but I will tell you the top five most important things....more

How To Afford Healthy Bread

This article is a follow-up to my post last week about finding the most healthy breads available.  You can click here to read my first article on this topic.  There was a lot of information to share, so I decided to divide it into two articles.  Last week's article focused on the make-up of  breads, whole wheat vs. whole grain, and what to look for in healthy breads.   ...more

Vermont Whole Wheat Oatmeal Honey Bread

This is actually an oatmeal bread (one of my personal favorites), so I couldn't resist trying it this past weekend! I made one loaf in the bread pan and one round loaf because I didn't have another bread pan of the right size. The round one was good, but burned a bit on the bottom, but the bread in the loaf pan was amazing and it really made the best sandwich bread!...more
 @Genie Gratto  @7daymenu I put it off for awhile myself, but I find it's generally easy to ...more

Chapati (Whole Wheat Flat Bread)

Chapati is an essential Indian flat bread/ griddle bread (looks like Tortilla) made with whole wheat flour. This simple and hearty low gluten, low calorie bread is healthy and appeasing. 'How to make soft chapatis?' Google and you'll find umteen recipes, youtube videos and related articles. I have done this several times before mastering the chapati making technique. Most of the recipes seem so simple with few sentences of instruction. I wish it was that easy. It wasn't for me....more
lovely!!!   Food fun freak http://foodfunfreak.blogspot.commore

Whole wheat buttermilk biscuits

Happy Easter!I can’t believe we are already in to April and Easter is just around the corner!!  I talk a lot about healthy eating, but I have never been a believer of trying to eat healthy for holidays.   I usually have traditional family recipes that I like to make for holidays.  My line of thinking is that they only come once a year, and how much you eat on a particular day isn’t going to make or break your diet or waistline :-).  You do have to be careful when it turns into a week of eating fattening leftovers though....more