Pumpkin Butter Stuffed Whole Wheat Muffins

As you have probably already figured out by now, I am obsessed with pumpkin food. I also really love substituting whole wheat flour in my baked goods. These two loves combined led to...Pumpkin Butter Stuffed Whole Wheat Muffins!...more

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Scones

I absolutely love fall! I love sweaters and boots, but more importantly I love fall food! I practically love anything apple or pumpkin flavored!...more

Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies with Reese's

Read about life on our West Texas farm at www.andruswilliams.com First, a story: Last night, we wanted to watch The King's Speech. So, Russell found it on Dish on Demand and started downloading it. It buffered for 15 minutes. Played for 30 seconds. And buffered for another 15 minutes. The joys of internet in the country....more

I need to test this recipe out! It looks ooey gooey good!more

Whole Wheat Banana & Prune Soda Bread Rolls

....quite a mouthful! Soda breads are classified under “quick breads” as they contain baking soda instead of yeast as the leavening agent. Making quick breads calls for using both dry and wet ingredients that are measured and quantified individually and then mixed together. ...more

Not so deceptively delicious

This week I finished up an experiment in whole wheat baking. I've been slowly incorporating whole wheat flour into some of our favorite cookie recipes. The last recipe was whole wheat peanut butter cookies. Most of the recipes need more work, apparently you can't substitute whole grains willy-nilly, who knew? Not the peanut butter though, peanut butter is perfect as a whole wheat cookie. The only downside is that I got caught wheat handed. My boyfriend finally noticed the difference this time. He asked what I did differently...because he liked them better than usual. ...more