Michelle Obama (Plus Blake Lively, Whoopi Goldberg & Other Hollywood Stars) on How to Break Into Hollywood

What does it take to make it in entertainment? In the first Careers In Film Symposium at the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama introduced high school students to heavy Hollywood hitters, including actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Blake Lively, superproducer Harvey Weinstein, and Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler, to explore the question. ...more
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From The View to Slutwalk: Dust-ups Over the N-word

When discussing the recent media reports about the name of Republican US presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry’s family’s hunting camp, an argument ensued when Barbara Walters used the word “Nigger” when referring to the name....more
Wow! I so agree with you. "No one" should use such a foul word. I think it is wholly ...more

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Roman Polanski, It's not the 1970's Anymore, Thank God

by Chris Lombardi ...more

An open letter to Whoopi Goldberg.

I posted this the day Whoopi went on her rant on The View about people villianizing smoking both on my WordPress and Blogger blogs. I meant to post it here as well but didn't have the time. So today I'm playing "catch up." (BTW, if you're ever curious about me the Blogger blog has the most posts that really give my personality away and WordPress has most of the same posts, but not entirely.) Dear Miss Goldberg, ...more

Wearing What You Want to Work - Whoopi Goldberg

Did you hear Whoopi’s response on The View to the woman who criticized her clothes? Among other things, the woman said Whoopi’s clothes were baggy and unappealing; Whoopi told the critical woman to “Kiss my a–” and offered other choice words that don’t make her a well-behaved woman (she’s my kinda lady!). ...more

Feeling angst every day about going to work isn't fun -- I've been there! But my angst wasn't ...more

"You're so articulate. Where did you learn that?"


Hi Bianca

I get what you're saying but the point is Bill Cosby and Barack Obama are ...more

Sherri Shepherd Needs A Historian On The Payroll

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. If you've followed my postsabout "The View," like when Sherri Shepherd made it sound like she thought the earth was flat, you might want to check out this post at Why Black Women Are Angry. It's about Sherri's most recent case of foot in mouth disease. The comments happened a couple of days ago during a discussion of happiness by the Gabby Girls and Sherri once again showed why she needs to hire someone to feed her history notes before every Hot Topic segment. I know she's new to this stuff, but Girlfriend needs to get it together. Watch the video clips in the post, then let me know what you think. ...more