Why I Blog and Moved the Blog to Its Own Website.

I finally took the plunge and purchased a website from Justhost.com.  This will be the final web address for this blog.  This means this blog has one year to build up enough viewership that I feel I am actually helping others. ...more
@feelingbeachie Thanks. I am just a bit discouraged, but I know that this too shall pass.  Just ...more

Why I Blog

Why I Blog“I found, to my surprise, that the more I did, the less timid I became.”Why do I blog? In my three-minute video, I consider karaoke, a mechanical bull, and Morocco as I reflect upon how much I’ve changed since I started blogging two years ago. ...more
@Darcie Thank you, Darcie. Costa Rica was really beautiful.more

Why I Share My Dirty Little Secrets.

Or rather, my very very overly clean ones....more
@DesiValentine4 Yeah, dirt if fine by me, although it's good to wash it off at the end of the ...more

My one year blogoversary!

One year ago I published my first post on my blog My Life in Sweden, yay! And yikes how quickly time flies by! But I'm so glad I decided to start my blog, and even more glad that I still love working on it. Because I was a bit afraid I'd lose interest in it eventually.Full post at --> http://ropcorn.com/d/My-one-year-blogoversary.html...more

Blogging Goals? How to create a better blog?

So do you guys have any blogging goals? I mean do you set goals for yourself as a blogger and then try to reach them?  Do you just blog for fun, or to relieve stress? Do you blog for work, are you a career blogger? Is that the real term?I was just talking with my husband last night about how much this blog means to me and goals that I want to achieve.  F.Y.I....more

A Good Day to be Black and Sexy?

 This is my ass. For the last ten or so years every form of mass media has told me that this is not only the best way of measuring my worth as a Black woman, its also innately low class while being the only reason any man would put up with me. My Black ass, a gift and a curse....more

As the oldest daughter of a women whose ass could be compared to a Hottenton, and the recipient ...more

Happy Blogday to ME! (Giveaway)

Core Story

Last post of Reverb10, and I find myself a little melancholy. I have viewed it as a challenge to write something new every day for this, and I've succeded, yay me! But what ever will I do tomorrow? Just...come up with my own ideas for what to write? That sounds just a little insane. But today's prompt asks us to look back on the month and reflect on our Core Story. So like usual I'm going to turn left and talk about something this got me thinking about, something I've seen other bloggers talk about lately. Why do I write a blog?...more

Why I Blog + Millet Stuffed Acorn Squash

First things, first.  Happy Anniversary, Dave!  It’s been a spectacular 12 years! xo Why I Blog [Source] Thursday morning I fired up my laptop, grabbed a hot cup of coffee and checked email. This was in my inbox: Hi JL...more

Why maybe, just maybe, everyone should consider blogging. . .

I'm a rookie blogger. I'm a rookie blogger, and I'm totally proud of it. I'm new to the online communities, to Twitter, to avatars, to comment-leaving, widgets, and gadgets. I have too much to learn, and my site is too basic to even come close to competing with some of these incredible, seasoned, pro-blogging mom sites. Yet I love what I have created and couldn't be more proud of it. Never in a million years did I think I would be changing html codes or be researching 2 vs 3 column layouts. ...more