Big ISP free Wi-Fi hazardous to your Data Health

Beware of “Free Wi-Fi” or “Totally Free Internet,” as this probably IS too good to be true. These are likely set up by thieves to trick you into getting on a malicious website.AT&T and Xfinity have provided many free hotspots for travelers to get free Wi-Fi: all over the country. Sounds great, right? However, these services make it a piece of cake for thieves to gain access to your online activities and snatch private information....more

Does Wi-Fi Nuke A Man's Sperm?

There was small rumble about it in the news on Monday, but that rumble was from Reuters, and pretty soon it was EVERYWHERE. The BBC, even YAHOO had something about it: the WI FI is coming for our men's SPERM! No one's sperm is SAFE! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO!?!?! I'll tell you what we shall do. We shall look at this paper, and we shall READ it. And we will point the bright light of SCIENCE at it and find out if it's true that WI FI nukes human sperm. ...more
I do feel these electromagnetic waves have some affect on us. If they are emmiting such powerful ...more

People watching at Panera

People watching is such a fun pastime.  Sometimes I wonder if this is the reason reality TV is such a hit, we just love when people "share" the real side of themselves.  My Dad would often walk the mall for the sole purpose of entertainment.      School starts next week so of course I am cramming all sorts of appointments for the kids into this week.  We started with Meg having a long ortho- appointment followed by Patrick's wedding rehearsal all in the same area.  So to kill time in-between we went to my favorite little haven...Panera.  ...more
Bren, I love not only eating and working at Panera, I also people watch there. I like to ...more

New Wi-Fi Connections & Options for Busy Business Owners

Keeping in touch with the office is getting easier for busy business owners.  Verizon is moving to expand Internet connection capabilities for millions of Verizon broadband customers by providing them free access to thousands of Wi-Fi connections across the United States. ...more