WW – Super Full Hunter’s Moon in Taurus

October 27th, 2015 at 8:05am (EST) is the Super Full Hunter's Moon in Taurus. It's also the last of the Super Moons for 2015. Here's a bit more information about Super Moons from The Alabama Media Group -...more

WW - The word Witch

For many years, I would tell people (when asked, of course) that I was Wiccan. I hesitated to use the word Witch, because of all the baggage attached to it....more

WW – Mercury Retrograde spins again

I've talked a little about Mercury Retrograde in two previous posts this year - first in January, then again in May (the two other times this year it has occurred). Here's what I've put together for this final spin of the year....more

Happy birthday Raymond Buckland

Yes, I know today isn't Witchy Wednesday, but since it's the birthday of the first person in the US to openly admit being Wiccan, I decided a shout out was in order....more

WW - Dark Leo moon

This Friday, August 14th at 10:53am EST brings us the Dark Leo Moon (otherwise known as the New Moon in Leo). Here's a graphic I created for the occasion - feel free to share it. Also, if you're able, try to take advantage of the opportunity to see the Perseid meteor shower during that moonless night. Blessed be!...more

WW - New or Dark Moon

Recently, as I started creating witchy graphics to go with these posts, something began to nag at me....more

WW - Full Crow Moon

Today, thanks to the power of the interwebs, I discovered the full moon tomorrow night is called (among other names), "The Crow Moon." This makes me ridiculously happy, especially given the new friends I made this winter....more

Something Witchy

I realized this morning that my posts so far this month for NaBloPoMo have belied my blog's tagline of, "G33k. Witch. Wordsmith." I have the "Wordsmith" covered, but I should give some equal time to the other two, before they complain....more

Winter Solstice

To my Wiccan and Pagan readers and friends:  I wish you a Blessed Yule....more

Let me start with this

Hello,I'm Silver Tree. Obviously it's not my real name, it's a writing name that I use online in an attempt to remain consistent and easily identifiable. Not that my head is so big that I think people are searching through websites to find me. Anyway, I'm fairly new to blogging but I do have a wordpress page: www.darksilvertree.wordpress.com I try to post mainly about Wicca,but there are examples of poetry and other writings....more