My Unknown Soldier

Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day make me sad because my late husband, Richard, was not quite a veteran but his service to his country killed him.  ...more

Socially-excluded widows mobilize for their rights

Along with partners, UN Women is working on initiatives to support widows in Guatemala, India and Malawi. To mark International Widows' Day 2013, a look at the work that is currently underway. ...more

"How Do You Know"....

.... was a very cute movie that didn't really answer the question as much as I hoped it would. How do you know? I used to know the answer to that. Or at least I knew the answer for me. I am now at a loss. I don't have any idea how you know. I'm guessing the answer remains the same ..... you know when you know. But when all you ever knew was one love, one love who grew up with you and knew everything about you ..... and you him ..... because you spent 27 years together ........more

Planning for THEM

A good friend once said something a few years ago that drastically changed the way that I view finances. He said that the true sign of financial maturity is when your attention shifts to providing for generations after you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the finances available to start funds for your ancestors, but that your mindset changes from “planning for me” to “planning for them.”   We live in a society that has seemingly abandoned the practice of exercising financial integrity, much less passing it on to the next generation....more

A Widowed Mom Reviews "The Boys Are Back"

Hollywood loves the widower as romantic lead. Clive Owen’s character in the Boys are Back promises a trifecta cliché: he cared for his wife when she had cancer, he parents their small child, and he has no idea how to do laundry.I can see the screenwriters salivating: enter the beautiful divorcee with a kid the same age, cue music, and as the sun sets we know closure’s been reached. And no one really expects a movie to hit it on the head when discussing an issue like losing a partner and raising a child amid the stress and numbness of grief. ...more