The Advent Journey of the Soul

Every year I write a personal faith/soul sum-up. So, what you are about to read is this Polish-American woman's Christian Advent faith journey. In this journey I always see myself wandering to Bethlehem. So, since it's almost the very end of Advent, I am trekking to the Bethlehem of my soul again this year. It is always a summing-up time, an annual reckoning. There have been big changes this year. ...more

It is a wonderful feeling. Somehow this season I managed to focus on all that is good in my ...more

Favorite Childhood Holiday memory - I'll show you mine - Please show me yours

There is something about this time of year that seems designed to touch the child inside all of us. Despite the varied geographies of our childhood, each heart nurtures one or more special holiday moments of memory. I'm going to let my mind wander backwards through all the adult moments, the grown-up events, to tell you a special holiday story, and to ask you to tell us one, too. ...more

Yep, not dying is GREAT news! I hope these (and future)holidays bring you calmer and much more ...more