Modern Wife Goes Retro: Learning Sex the 1960s Housewife Way

So my next step in the housewife experiment is to jump ahead to the very last chapter in Fascinating Womanhood on, you guessed it, sex. ...more

Modern Wife Goes Retro: My Transformation From Career Girl to Housewife

I've decided to experience life as a housewife using the 1963 guidelines outlined in  Fascinating Womanhood. And so far this modern gal has not taken to the role of Domestic Goddess very well....more

Having written a lot about being a homemaker and losing one's identity, I love this ...more

A Note From the Other Woman

I'm taking  your husband - for now.He tells me he loves me.  I'm no niave teenager seeking his approval.  He can't help but think that he loves me.  I do all the nasty things you can't bring yourself to do - and I love doing them.  All men fall in love with that for a while....more

Christmas Calendar! husband and I made these beautiful Christmas Calendar.Check out our hard work.We will post more today! three new designs.Thanks for looking!...more

Redefining the word "wife"

The word "friend" has been so tainted by frenemies, rotating BFF's and being able to defriend with a click of a mouse that we now need a new term for our closest friends and allies: wives. Christine Bronstein and Christina Friedman have created a website for women that provides social networking, discussions about relevant topics and information about women's issues in the news....more

It Is Tempting – But You Must Resist!

Oh, how we love to bash Eve for succumbing to temptation – but don’t we all struggle with that one?  ...more

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


I just read your post and I love it, just what I needed ...more

A Good Wife Always Has Her Husband's Back

A trip to the local pub offers a glimpse into the marital status of coworkers and comparisons favor our lady. READ ARTICLE:  ...more

Is it just my browser? When I try to put a permalink in the post, I only get a blank box, and ...more

Why Women Need Validation!

Relationship! My lovely people, G’day! Yes, I do apologize..I have been hiding under a small rock. If you can just imagine two big booty cheeks with a rock in the middle, that’s me. I wish I could say that I’ve been vacationing at the Virgin Islands taking away virginity left and right but that isn’t the case. The only excuse that I have is that I have been designing some sort of plan for world peace? Does that work? ...more
Dear relationshipqueen, I have a problem of validation, I'm not sure how it works or how to do ...more

5 Years & A Handful of Hours - Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary. In dog years, that’s 35 years and in Hollywood, that’s like 50 years! ...more