Support Animals Asia and Help These Abused Bears

Have you ever been to Halong Bay? I’ve read many of my fellow travel bloggers’ stories from this enchanting place in Vietnam and for a long time I’ve longed to go there, to taste the delicious cuisine, to learn about local culture, to witness its breathtaking natural beauty and to sail across Halong Bay....more

Why You Should Never Do These Things When You Travel

With 2015 under way, now is the time that many people start thinking about their holidays and travel plans for the coming year or even writing a bucket list of things they’d like to do in 2015....more
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End of Spring, Beginning of Everything

Happy 1st day of Summer!The goslings, are almost grown up. They were running, wanting nothing to do with me. They probably thought I wanted to steal their babies.Just a couple of weeks ago. Two families sharing the space....more

Little Black Bear Break-In, Plus Bear Facts

They have five toes, each with a well-developed claw.  The adults weigh between 100-350 pounds, and they are, well, as cute as teddy bears. Hello California black bears! Some say they are dangerous but aren’t all wild animals? In some areas, especially near, or in, the national parks and forests, they have been known to break into restaurants and houses, causing many upsets. I know it is inconvenient, to say the least, but, I must ask, isn’t this their forest and park?  Do humans not leave food and trash out to tempt them?...more
Thank you Jane!  I am happy to hear of your involvement in Defenders of Wildlife, the animals ...more

Ethical Third Grader Boycotts Zoo Field Trip

I admit to not having that deep, inherent fascination with human children that most people seem to have, with the exception of my niece (who is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT AND GORGEOUS AND OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD MEET THIS GIRL!), and my 7-year-old friend, Ruby (a lifelong vegan, whom we interviewed on our podcast)....more
So awesome! I can identify - as a 9 year old, I wrote letters to local restaurants, asking them ...more

Bear-y nice to see you...

...except, Please Leave My Backyard. You're big and scary.Here's the bear coming down the mountain behind my house in Vallecito, Colorado....more

Hibernating Bears and Living with Predators, Redux

 It appears that I – and my handy-dandy mammalogy textbook – were wrong on thebears-not-hibernating front....more
 @victorias_view Oh my goodness! A bear lying in your driveway is definitely too comfortable ...more

Of Otters and Men

While I am no longer a zookeeper, I still volunteer at my old zoo as time allows. But here’s what I know from experience: During my years there, we would get several phone calls and emails each week asking us if we could take in a pet or care for an animal that someone “rescued.” Most often, we turned people away, not because of lack of want, but because we lacked space, time, money, and other resources required to provide these animals the care they would need. ...more

Shark Cage Diving: Helping or Hurting?

Just thinking about it gave me an adrenaline rush. Take a boat ride out into “Shark Alley.” Get in a cage and stay there until a great white shark – yeah, like the one in “Jaws” -- comes by. Then… what? Hang out? See if the shark tries to take a bite out of my leg? Cool!...more
Tourists don't become outspoken advocates for wildlife from spending $200 + swimming with ...more

The Deadly Fallout of Animal Ignorance

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.” This quote by Albert Schweitzer came to mind as I heard the story about the dead blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas by fireworks. It astounds me that for a second year in a row, an area that has been blessed with these beautiful birds, couldn't find a way to protect their habitat. ...more