The Neighborhood Bitch

During a recent visit to my parents house in L.A., I strolled through my old neighborhood and brooded over my mom’s declining health, the challenges my dad faced as her caretaker...more

Your Patriotic Duty

The USA is not just about the wonderfully diverse human beings that live here. It is also about the wonderfully diverse wildlife that lives here, including our national symbol, seen here in all its glorious wildness at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. ...more


Holy Batman!  I've seen an odd number of bats flying around my street, and the other day, after walking the dogs, my husband showed me a picture he took with his phone of bats emerging from underneath a nearby bridge.  I couldn't believe there was a bat bridge so close, and based on the photo he took, there were a lot!  Yesterday evening, we went to get a closer look and hauled the camera and digital video recorder along. ...more

I Cant "Bear" This Anymore - Call to Action

This is as bad as it gets. The California Department of Fish and Game thinks that we, the taxpayers, and interested citizens, can't see through their smokescreens or tell fool's gold from the real deal....more

Lions and tigers and thread counts - oh my!

Sitting in my newly purchased regulation green cargo pants, perched anxiously on the side of our open top jeep, I could feel the beat of my pulse blasting a 21 gun salute to my imminent funeral. My breath was still and shallow as he walked toward me....more

Tugging on Heartstrings and Feathers: An Up-Close Look at a Wildlife Rehab Center in the Gulf

Heading to the Deep South earlier this month, I braced for an up-close look at the Gulf Oil spill. On the day I arrived, July 2, South Mississippi's excellent Sun-Herald screamed: "OIL ENTERING GULF'S FOOD CHAIN." This was going to be tough. ...more

Now let's collectively cross our fingers that this new cap holds.


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Relief Spawned for People, Fish, and Wildlife affected by Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Living outside of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill area, what can the public do to help? One Californian woman told of her daughter and friend's donations from lemonade sales to help those in need affected by the oil spill. I'll like to share the story here of these girls as well as some nonprofits devoting resources to help fishermen, marine life, and wildlife: AMJ ...more

Update on Gulf Coast Wildlife Efforts: How to Clean an Oiled Pelican

While BP has begrudgingly agreed to a restitution account for those affected by the disaster, dolphins and brown pelicans do not -- at last check -- keep bank accounts. Despite heroic efforts, wildlife such as sea birds, dolphins, shrimp, oysters and Bluefin tuna may never be the same. Meanwhile, clean-up crews have reportedly been seen mistakenly trampling pelican nests, the toxic dispersants used to break up the oil have only made it easier for animals to ingest it, and there's been some heated debate among wildlife experts on whether all the cleaning and rehabilitation of wildlife does any good. ...more

Glad to help, even some small way.


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The Animal Cam as Reality Show

If you are one of the thousands who "witnessed" the birth of Lily the Bear's new cubs - via web cam - then you already know how technology brings us into the dens, nests, pens, warrens, water holes and stalls of so many animals. ...more

Hey Maria,

Happy to provide even more 'rabbit holes' to fall into on the ol' ...more

Tall Perennials: Go Big for the Birds

Rhonda Fleming Hayes ...more