Happy April - Environmental Awareness Month

April showers bring May Flowers. It's the month of spring and sunshine and rain puddles and fresh green field with flowers blooming. ...more

The Wren

"It goes like this: I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself." I read it years ago in a small and lovely book. I look at the wren, so plain and small, and wonder at its voice so large and tall, so full of noise as it cries out loud, striving to be heard above the other flocks. It knows it belongs, and chirps no matter what, singing out loud, even as the prey sharpens his skills with the bow and arrow. Little wren with no suspicions, no prejudice, no fears, sings on, living each second unafraid, ...more

A slither down memory lane

Stopped in a local Petco today, and lo' after oggling at the beardies, there were Canadian garter snakes for sale. I remember catching these snakes in New Mexico, and then again in Everett, Wa. when I was growing up. I did see a few when we first moved here to Kent, 20 years ago, but now, not at all. In looking at this article, I think if there are any around, they would be hibernating right now. But still, I wonder if all the urbanization has trashed the habitat of these gentle creatures that hold so many memories for me. ...more

Spooky Bird and Wildlife Ringtones for Halloween!

Nature sounds are often presented as soft and soothing...and certainly the dawn chorus of birds is melodic. But did you know there are many birds and wildlife whose calls are downright chilling? Halloween is right around the corner, and we've put together our "top ten list" of spooky bird and wildlife ringtones guaranteed to give anyone a fright! Which ringtone do you think is the spookiest? Please add your comment and we'll post the results. Have a fun Halloween...the natural way! ...more

Please don't feed the animals!

On my blog today, I blogged about a local case in which two young men tortured and beat an alligator, then ate it. They did so in an area where hunting isn't allowed (in a national wildlife refuge no less), and they didn't have an alligator harvest permit. They have pleaded guilty. A portion of the news article about the case mentioned that some people wrote the judge to request a harsh punishment for the two men because the alligator was "semi-tame." ...more