What I know now about the Will of God

During my teenage years, I used to sit around and wonder what God wanted me to do. I would pray fiercely for Him to reveal His will to me and to tell me what to do. There were many times when I became so confused by what was happening in my life, especially at times when I was sure something was God's will, only to watch it vanish before my eyes. But I kept hoping that someday I would figure it out. I just had to be patient. After all, God had a plan for my life, right?...more

Sopranos Superstar Leaves Bulk Of Fortune To Teenage Son

James Gandolfini is making sure that the ones he loves are well cared for and taken care of by  leaving the bulk of his estate an estimated $70 million fortune to his "beloved" son. ...more

Willing to Suffer

Steph here.Suffering. Feeling distress…enduring pain….an inevitable part of life. I’ve been trying to face the pain and sorrow that dwells in my heart brought there by events out of my control. I’ve been trying to register the suffering and make some sense of it. But sometimes when I look sadness, hurt, loss, and pain straight in the face, I wonder if there is any sense to be made, or if I’ll ever stop barely treading water in its depths....more

Choosing Conflict: A PassionsPath.com Blog

My grandmother died in June. She was 94. She lived a full, wonderful life, and suffered little in the end. We were very close; when her daughter (my mother) died (at the young age of 32) (cancer), my grandmother took care of me in many ways. And I did my best to honor her final years with lots of visits, with taking care of her when I could. And now that she’s gone, I find myself in a quandary....more

I have no advice for you I'm afraid but good luck with whatever action you decide to take. ...more

Avoid Your Own Astor Disaster or Where There’s A Will…

While it’s safe to say that no members of the Astor family will be taking away the Nobel Peace Prize (and congrats to President Obama) that’s not to say that we all haven’t been following the drama as it unfolds....more

The Top 6 Things Your Financial Planner Wishes You Knew

1. How important a will is. 2. What lifestyle & level of income you will need at retirement. 3. The importance of living within your means. 4. What level of financial risk you are comfortable with. 5. How to enjoy what you have earned (believe it or not, a lot out there don't). 6. To be disciplined with your investment/financial plan. (contributed by XC) ...more