Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Didn’t Work (and what will!)

Having problems with your New Year’s Resolutions? How many times have you made them and then failed to keep them after only a few days, or in my case, hours? ...more

How to Find the Willpower to Stick to Your Resolutions

Let's admit it: the first day of a resolution is easy. You jump into that new exercise routine or eating habit with gusto.  The next day is a little bit harder.  You have a conflict that keeps you from that spinning class, or you get your period and all you feel like doing is watching old episodes of House and eating popcorn (not that I've ever done that...).  But the third day: forget it.  It's really hard to find the willpower to stick to yoga goals or eating a daily salad. ...more

Apres La Holiday Willpower and Menopausal Weight Gain

My daughter Laura, the school psychologist,  gave me this treat-eating holiday advice, based on recent psychological studies:When you use self-control to resist treats, you reinforce your ability to use willpower.  So each time you make a healthy choice, you increase your chances of exercising self-control in the future....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Thanks Robin! Working on the willpower but the pounds don't seem to be ...more

Dodging Raindrops

Best Case Scenario: This blog will serve as encouragement to others who are looking for a fire to be lit under their assistant...minus the -istant part. You are never too old, too far behind or too far from your goals to get started. This all sounds great but the whole idea is to stop thinking about why, when and how and just get started! It's that easy I know. I am a great procrastinator and by great I mean...I am truly good at it....more
Step 1 of my "stop thinking about it and just do it" process: Blow up my exercise ball. It is ...more

Procrastination -The Time Sucking Devil

 Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill. ~Christopher Parker                                  It’s Just Another Day...more

Does Cold Turkey Work?

 Learning to snowshoe with (the adorable) Ranger Eric...more

Willpower: It’s all in your head!

With it being early in the New Year, I have read several articles addressing willpower and how to best obtain it.  While I promised myself I wouldn’t blog on New Year’s resolutions, especially about dieting, I couldn’t resist talking about willpower since I don’t have much, if any, about anything and I finally see a glimmer of hope.  ...more
@FatCat I have no excuse and yet there are times I don't do the exercise I should be doing ...more

A Sadomasochistic Guide to New Year's Resolutions.. (never works)

I resolved to meet a new person every day.  My resolution tanked January 1st at 7:30 PM. Learn from my mistakes.                                  Doomed to FailureMy approach to my resolutions is perhaps a bit heavy-handed....more

Waiting and Willpower Not My Strong Suit

I'm a kid at heart, and nothing brings that out in me as much as the holidays. I don't like surprises and have no willpower, so it should not come as a shock that waiting until Christmas day to open presents is difficult for me....more
I only wish I had patience. I do like surprises, just not the waiting. Something I definitely ...more

How Important Is Willpower in Maintaining a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle?

How important is willpower when it comes to our ability to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle?  Is it possible to change poor eating habits to healthy ones if you don't have a lot of willpower? My answer:  The more willpower you have the easier it will be, but perfection isn't necessary. ...more
CarHelp Don't beat yourself up on "blowing your diet." Sure, donut binges aren't the best thing ...more