Afraid of their Adult Children

Abuse of parents is a silent problem, prevalent at all income levels but not widely discussed. A web search for information about adult children who abuse their parents focuses on financial and physical abuse. Little is available about emotional and verbal abuse.Parents who are bullied or mistreated by their adult children have trouble admitting it to others. Many put up with the bad treatment because they don’t want to end a relationship with a child whom they love. Some need their child’s help with care giving. Others fear the consequences of being open about their feelings....more

For the love of your spouse, your parents, your kid(s), GET A WILL!

"He had a terminal illness and he didn't tell you what his wishes were?  How is that possible?"...more

Searches, Queries and Key Words: Most Read Post Based on Traffic from Search Engines

Top Post This last week of 2010 I'm highlighting the top read posts based on searches....more

Get Organized - Don't Wait: Get Your Parent's Documents In Order

by Alicia Rockmore If you are like me (or many of us) our parents are more active and often healthier than their parents were. While that is great, there is not excuse put off an important conversation with them now about their finances and wishes…before an event or emergency makes it an urgent necessity....more

Jet Lag Excuses: 7 Links Challenge

There's No Place Like Home This week I am breaking all my rules. Since the hotel I was staying in for a blogging conference was having technical difficulties and their Internet connection was not working (ironic, right), I was not able to post Monday. I am fresh in from New York. It's been a long (& fun) 5 days, and so I am opting for a Challenge I spotted on a really great blogging site for today's post....more

The World at Our Fingertips: Finding a Link to Another Attorney/Mom/Blogger

Our world is getting smaller all the time....more

Death and Johnny Cash: Tips for Getting Your Estate in Order

"When do we die, Mommy?" "Why did Johnny Cash die?" Those are the questions posed by Darling 1 last night as he was going to bed clad in his firefighter t-shirt and clutching his fireman helmet, just in case he got called out to fight a fire during the night....more

Yes! Getting started is probably the hardest part. The next hardest is choosing your attorney ...more

Last Will and Testament: Why it’s So Important for a Parent and How to Get One of Your Very Own

Every other month or so, the subject of wills surfaces during my girl's night out group's conversations. We all agree we need to get our last wishes down on paper and make them official. We all have kids....more

Face death by planning for it without fear

Last week, a dear family friend called me, her voice hysterical with tears, because her elderly mother fell down a flight of stairs and they were waiting for the ambulance. I raced over as the ambulance was leaving, and drove my friend to the hospital. Her mother, already in fragile health, needed a new hip. ...more

your title was NOT facing death without fear but planning for death without fear.  Important ...more

Importance of Legal Planning for Families

I can often be the type of person who occasionally gets hung up on details. Anal little details that most people don't even consider. What can I say... I was a teenager who read things like Kubler Ross' "On Death and Dying". I always have my eye to the bigger picture. While I don't have kids, I am in one of those legally unprotected relationships known as a long term lesbian partnership. While our relationship continues to thrive and outlast almost every friend and family member who has gotten married; in the eyes of the law we don't exist. ...more

Candelaria -- great point.  Health Care Proxies aka Medical Power of Attorneys are VERY ...more