Ante Up and Go "All In!"

Happy Wednesday...are you a betting kind of person?  Read why you should always ante up and go all in! ...more

Huge “Love Your Cat” Giveaway

Huge “Love Your Cat” Giveaway It is estimated that over 96 million cats are owned in the US alone. Cats do make the best pets. They’re charming little critters that will steal your heart in no time.These prizes will improve your cat’s life! He/she will love these prizes! And so will you! The sponsors are being so generous! ...more

Final Day to Enter!

Last Day to Enter for Sara Ward Designs Wrap Bracelet! Today is the last day to enter for the beautiful Sara Ward Designs pearl wrap bracelet! Enter at!...more

$500 Spring Fever Cash Giveaway!


Setting Your Own Blogging Standards

With millions of blogs in existence and everyone shouting to have their voice heard, how is a new blog supposed to get noticed? Happy Hippie Homemaker turns the idea of failure on its head, embracing the idea that her beloved site might fail by other people's blogging standards even though it succeeds within hers. And, I've got to say, I really love her blog standards. ...more
I think this is a great blogging attitude to have. To me, blogging is not about popularity or ...more

YOU Can Save My Sanity AND Help 2 Families!! Wanna Know How?

As many of you already know, I am a sweepstakes junkie! I save bottle caps and UPC codes. I will dumpster dive during McDonalds MonopolyGame and buy products that have instant win game pieces inside. Over the years I have won some nice things, however, I have had to cut backdramatically on my sweepstakes because of my Fibromyalgia. You see, I can't sit for long perios of time without pain....more

Hey Everyone- an easy to win iPad 2 Contest is here!

Hey everyone!So, first off, its not easy for us women in the workforce, but sometimes we do have some advantages over men- like this blog. Did you know that 75% of internet blogging is done by women? Pretty cool for us and so ok, let me get to my point, point being is I found this contest and I want to share it with all of you. Its pretty cool becuase it is so easy to win- just like the page and boom! You are entered. I have never won an easy thing in my life but I did a contest a while ago with this co and I won- so here I am to share the load with the rest of you gals!...more

Victory is YOURS!

Friday at the close of the school day, I played in a faculty vs....more

Win a $100 Gift Card to Your Favorite Bookstore

All you have to do is read this excerpt of THE BABY PLANNER, ...more

Giveaway FAQ

Many blogs offer giveaways at one point or another. With all the bonus entries and such, some may be confused and just decide it's not worth it to enter. Actually, you have a better chance at winning a blog-hosted giveaway with a couple hundred entrants versus a sweepstakes at the mall for a car or Hawaiian vacation. I hope these answers help a bit:...more