Top Five Winchester Rifles of All Time

As the legendary rifle company celebrates its sesquicentennial, let’s take a look at some of the greatest rifles and cartridges it introduced during that time. Here are my picks for the most significant. While many of you will agree with me, I’m sure that some readers would choose others. Drop us a note telling us what you think. We’d love to read your comments for your picks of Winchester’s all-time greatest.1. Model 1873...more

Supernatural Returns To The WB: More Beef From The Winchester Brothers

It was in 2005 that Sam and Dean Winchester were introduced to their viewing public. Right off the bat, I can only speak for myself, when I tell you, Dean was a hottie! Okay, so Dean and Sam faced some hard challenges and dangerous adversaries after the loss of their father. You see, because Dean was older, he kept a lot of things from younger brother, Sam. Mainly, how their mom was killed by a demon!As the boys grew older, they learned more about what their dad did for a living-hunt and destroy demons....more