Photo Friday: Architecture

Today's Photo Friday selection is another picture taken from the Windsor side of the Detroit Riverfront, just a short walk from my house. I was tickled by the juxtaposition of the quaint wooden birdhouse against the steel and glass of Detroit's skyline - two completely different sizes and styles of architecture captured in the same shot. ...more

We are here!

Well, I now have (and live in!) a house in Windsor, I carry an Ontario driver's licence (albeit temporary) and drive a car with Ontario plates, and I've signed up for ...more

The countdown is ON!

Dashing in to post a quick point-form update, as I really should be packing instead of sitting at the computer! We've sold our bedroom suite, given away my desk, have someone lined up to take away our sofabed, are planning to post our bookshelves for sale, and need to find a way to get rid of our mattress and box spring. Even after the stuff we're actually keeping arrives at our new-old place, it looks as though we'll be rattling around in a relatively empty house until we can afford to replace all the stuff we're giving away! ...more

Travel plans and anxieties

A huge set of decisions has been looming over our heads ever since we decided to move: that is, how to get me, my husband, our cat Spider (the prime concern), and our car from Victoria to Windsor. ...more

Our new (old) Windsor home

Well, my husband and I are now back in Victoria after spending a week in Windsor searching for a home and getting an introduction to our new city. We had a fabulous visit, and the week simply flew by! ...more

Anyone still out there...?

...because I have an announcement to make! After six months, 17 Open Houses, 35 private showings, three price reductions, one offer that collapsed due to financing, and countless days of frustration and discouragement, we finally have an accepted, unconditional offer on our house in Victoria and are going to Windsor! ...more

The Eye of the Storm

It's been awhile since I've written here, mostly because I have very little to report. These days it seems I'm living in a pocket of relative calm, where on the one side was the storm of making our decision to leave Victoria and move to Windsor, telling our family and friends, sorting out my job situation, getting our house ready to sell and then putting it on the market... ...more

Dashing in to say...

...that when I glanced up at my desktop this morning and saw the weather reports, I knew which city I'd rather be in today! (click to enlarge) *grin* ...more

Motivations and expectations

As we've been planning and talking about our upcoming move to Windsor, we've run into some interesting responses, both to our reasons for moving and to our choice of city. It seems as though most everyone, from people who know us well to those on the outermost periphery of our lives, has an opinion on our life choice! ...more

It's getting closer!

I just spoke with our Victoria realtor, and confirmed that we'll be putting our home on the market at the beginning of March. It's all becoming so real, suddenly... if all goes according to plan, we'll be living in Windsor in a few months! ...more