Summer Fruit Panzanella & Chateau Elan Wine Tour

This recipe for Summer Fruit Panzanella uses Chateau Elan’s Muscadry Rose in a sweetened wine reduction that is drizzled over a blend of summer’s sweetest fruits like peaches, nectarines, blackberries, cantaloupe, strawberries, and muscadine grapes with fresh mint leaves and tossed with pieces of cinnamon coated cake.Every day I drive by Chateau Elan when I go to and from work, which has been for the last 12 years since I’ve lived in Georgia, yet I’ve never been there.So last week while I was on vacation, I finally got a chance to visit Chateau Elan’s Winery in Braselton, Georgia.My first visit (yes, I went back that week for a Spa visit too) was a wine tasting tour set up by Emily....more
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2016 Foodie

Well, 2016 started and well I got plans (pause *is that God Laughing or the Rain? * ) to go to the Blogher Foodie Conference versus the Blogher Convention in LA.Why?Austin Texas October 6&7th ( Oh and I should go see some family at some point ) So my grand plan is to from SFO to Dallas on the 5th then Drive from Dallas to Austin ( courtesy of Zipcar ) to go to Foodie then headback to Dallas spend at least four hours with some blood relation and then promptly get on a jet out of Dallas back to California. ...more

What to do with leftover red wine

It’s the age old question: what to do with leftover red wine?I know you’re asking, “but who has leftover red wine?” Seriously, right?  I admit it’s rare at this house too, but on those odd occasions when you do have a bit leftover and you need something to do with it, this is a great recipe to whip up and use as a baste for grilled poultry. It’s tangy, sweet and generally yummy....more

Drink Pink

Benita, Your Vino ValetI love a good Rose'.  To me, they go perfectly with lots of foods and are even as great as your chosen sipping wine. I don't know that I am the only one but the first time I had a Rose' that wasn't White Zinfandel, I expected sweet and fruity.  Some are!  But they can also be bone dry, like the first one that I had ever tasted. ...more

Champagne – Côte des Bar

My first trip to Champagne was more precisely to Côte des Bar (in Aube department, between villages Bar-sur-Seine and Bar-sur-Aube). As already mentioned before in my general post about Champagne, we are talking about a wine region where Pinot Noir is predominantly gown type of grapes....more

Tonight : Lambrusco

"Fizzy as only Lambrusco wine can be. Also found in Giuseppe Verdi’s music masterpieces… Bubbly, top class, and yet spirited, scented, bold, and full of colors as only the fields of Romagna can be.." We have paired this lovely Lambrusco with a selection of cheeses and cold cuts from our local butcher (capocollo, prosciutto crudo,pancetta and mortadella)accompanied with warm home-made bread.

Food Porn Inspired Moments

My parents always told me that in death, the only things you can take with you are experiences. This is how they have lived their life, (sometimes to a fault but that’s for my future therapist to help me work through), and this is how I have up to now, lived my own....more

Spiced Wine Jelly

I know, I know ... who has leftover wine sitting around? Well, I did. I needed to open a bottle of wine for a dessert I was making, but it was about 10 in the morning ... not time to have wine, for me anyways!  So, the rest of the bottle just sat there all day and by the time dinner rolled around, I completely forgot that I had opened it. I'm not a huge fan of leftover wine. Even when stored properly, I just can't seem to enjoy it. It always seems to have a sour taste to it. ...more
It looks quite appetizing I m going to try this weekend.more

White Sangria - Blissfull Summer Wine Recipe

When I first purchased my home, I invited everyone over for the typical 'housewarming' party. Mostly I wanted to show off my new digs, but gifts are always good too. A family friend brought a pitcher - it was a typical pitcher, clear plastic, nothing fancy - but what was in it was gold. She had put together a white sangria and it was divine....more