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Wine-Budget or Splurge?

You shouldn't have to give up your wine habit during divorce.  Although it is a time to get serious about budgeting (I don't know anyone who's income increases during divorce), that doesn't mean we have to drink wine from a box! Trivia Q: Who said...”There has been this snobbery around wine that makes it seem exclusive.  It’s not true.  It isn’t, because wine is for everybody and it’s fantastic stuff.”   Find out at the end of the post…...more

Midlife Cabernet: Do You Cook a Signature Dish?

 Chicken parmesan is my family’s favorite meal, and I tackle the process like a woman obsessed. The ritual never varies: First, everyone must leave the kitchen. Then I tie on an apron and continue with the most important task: I open a bottle of red wine. The experience won’t be a success without that important step, and I am under pressure to produce another stellar recipe so who am I to alter the technique?...more

A Woman’s Quick Guide to Wine for the Holidays

Whether as a gift for the host, or for entertaining your guests, wine has always been part of the holidays. And with the holidays fast approaching, here’s a quick guide for every woman in finding the perfect wine for  the festivities.Wine termsConfused with the different terminology? Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a sommelier to get the basic terms right. ...more

Demystifying Alcohol for Women: Red Wines  Drinking as a woman is a very emotionally charged experience that will reflect who you are in ways you may or may not be comfortable with.  Especially with the holidays coming up, there will invariably be alcohol available and offered......more

Sangria, Sangria, Sangria perfect for the holiday season

One of my favorite things about Barcelona is the Sangria!!!! I have been to Barcelona twice and both times, fully indulged in the Sangria. The picture above is at a restaurant on the Barcelona Wharf. Need I say more. What makes Spain’s Sangria so deliciously unique is…..the full body and character of the wines made in Spain. Sangria can taste like watery soup if made incorrectly....more

The Vinguard

San Francisco Examiner Wine Columnist, Pamela Busch, has been on the cutting edge of the wine industry during her 23 year career. A wine writer, educator, consultant and she founded Hayes & Vine, a trend setting wine bar in the Bay Area in 1994, and CAV Wine Bar & Kitchen, the first 'wine restaurant' in San Francisco. Her take on good wine is much like Justice Potter Stewart's statement on pornography, "I know it when I see it." Respecting people's different preferences, she is open to trying all wines using balance and quality as the most important criteria....more

Skybar Wine Preservation System, Because Wine is Too Good to Waste

 Wine connoisseurs everywhere are certain to rejoice!  The Skybar Wine Preservation System is now available to preserve your wine and look great doing it.  Wine is now able to last up to 10 days in the great system without the use of expensive chemicals or that goofy hand pump....more

How to Serve Red Wine with Fish

Life is too short to eat mediocre food!A quick history of pairing theory…or how to serve red wine with fish  ...more