Extreme Ownership: How cancer patients lead and win

After Hubby was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer, we recruited a full team to help us face down this disease. Gary was the coach; I signed on as assistant coach.From their best-selling book on leadership, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win, this from former Seals Jocko Willink and Leif Babin:...more

Bet On Your Brain: The Psychology Of Winning (INFOGRAPHIC)

Everyone wants to win at one point or another in their lives. With the Winter Games ending tomorrow, I thought an article about winning would be really appropriate. So I found this infographic, created by A Winning Personality, about the psychology of winning and how the winner's brain works....more

The Art of Winning

Some say there is an art to winning, others debate that it’s just about luck. Our culture is obsessed with winning! We follow the wins and losses of our favorite pro or college teams. We talk about winning the lottery. If something is good for both parties, we call it win-win.Winning is a hot topic.  You can buy books about it. You can take an extension class or seminar to instruct you how....more

Sweeps Routine

I enter a lot of sweepstakes.  A LOT.  After doing this for quite a while, I've learned that a routine helps make the process much easier....more
@Denise I am now!!more

The How of the Matter

Quite often, I win various prizes on Facebook.  The response I get most often?  How do you win all this stuff?The answer is actually quite simple.  I enter.  Think of the lottery.  You will never win if you don't have a ticket.  Makes sense, right?...more

Battle Scars

I walked to the ring with a swagger, silk brushing against my skin as my ego staggered before me, a blur of crowd voices and cigarettes and the smell of sweat. Before me fighters had come and gone, but this one was mine.Let’s do this life thing because I am young and I am fierce....more

Winning Streak

I've had a pretty good start to this year as far as sweeps go.  While I haven't won anything huge, like a trip or cash, I've still managed to score some pretty sweet deals!...more


Brad and I play a silly little game called 1234. The rules are simple. Two times a day the clock reads 12:34 and the first person to text it or point it out to the other is the winner, imaginary points are awarded. I hate losing at this game and sometimes I take extreme measures in order to win except most of the time they never work.Current time: 1:34pmmy text: 134 - (I know, I have no idea what I was thinking either. It's been awhile since I have been able to win so I was grasping)...more

Contemplating Lance: How a Hero Falls.

Over the years, many have weighed in with Cece and told her that "for sure Lance is doping.Everyone in cycling is doing it."  She has heard this a lot. But, it seems Cece chose not to believe it.....perhaps she wanted to keep her fairy tale hero all in one piece. ...more

On Winning

Today's mail brought two weekend passports to our city's upcoming blues music festival. Each passport has a value of $65 and a price of $40 for three days of great blues music... but they were free to me! The reason? I retweeted a message on Twitter late last week and was chosen as a winner. ...more