Stay Stylishly Warm With These 5 Must-Have Winter Accessories

Oh my goodness, were any of you hit by this recent snowstorm? We had three feet of snow dumped on us, and not only was there a ton of snow… it was really cold!Being stuck in the house for days means that all those winter sales were calling my name, so I came up with five winter accessories that I love for this time of year!#1: Fingerless Gloves...more
Fleece-lined tights are amazing, and I practically live in my sheepskin boots!more

Winter for Wimps (Like Me!)

Winter for Wimps Like Me! ...more

Winter Running Tips

I hate the cold… well maybe not hate… dislike, I dislike the cold and by cold I mean under 20 degrees. I often think I’d love to live somewhere where the cold was 50 but I’d ultimately miss the change of seasons and most of the year (in the NYC area) it is not below 20 and is tolerable. Under 20 I probably will not be outside running or doing anything besides sprinting to the car or back inside. What can we do to tolerate the cold? and sometimes gross weather?...more

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy...more

Winter Wreath Making Bonanza: A Roundup of 11 Beautiful DIY Wreaths

 Wreaths welcome guests and beautify homes. Regardless of your holiday plans, wreath making and display is a great way to get your DIY fix this season and pick up a skill you can use year round! Wreaths have evolved through history from ancient Persian head garlands to Roman symbols of victory and triumph, to central elements of many holiday rituals....more
Featuring wreaths from : burlapbluesays, nestofposies, SandandSisal, and more!more

The All New Winter Fest Comes to Orange County

 The weather has dropped by a few degrees and Southern Californians are bundling up and preparing for winter!  And why not?  There are so many great things to look forward to.  Ice skating, ice tubing, holiday m...more

Winter Doldrums: Seasonal Affective Disorder or Just No Light?

I'm trying to figure out if I always have this much trouble with daylight savings time and seasonal affective disorder, or if I just don't remember once the Springtime sun comes around again. ...more

How To Get Black Tights Right

10 Winter-Hater Game Changers

So, this actually happened. Just a random day at the Walton house....more