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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Vancouver in the Winter

Vancouver is a great place to visit in the summer months: there are tons of beaches to lay sun-tanning on – even without leaving the city; lots of hiking and biking to do; the weather is very easy to get along with; and there are so many delicious restaurants to try you could never cook a meal again. Summer may be a perfect time to visit, but if Canada is said to shine in winter, then there must be tons of things to do in Vancouver during the winter months, right?...more

The complete guide to bright winter skin

To fight the dullness of winter. Here’s our picks to brighten your skin. FOR THE DAYLeMieux skin brightening cleanser and toner set...more

Survivor's Log

I haven't complained about running in awhile

I have not been running as regularly as I should. Every morning, I flip through the list of excuses of why I shouldn't run today:...more

5 Seasonal tips you must know.

Let's talk about seasons and all the tips, advice and cares we must have each time of the year.Summer.Summer is definitely a call for a change in living activities. Our body changes,  diet changes,  our activities change, etc. We must take care of our skin, keep us hydrated all the time and regarding our clothes, we must wear a light summer outfit as well. ...more

Easy and cute winter hairstyles

Hairstyles are most important part of everyone’s appearance as good hairstyles always enhances the look of people. However it is important to carry a hairstyle that suits your personality and face shape so as to impress someone or to look beautiful. At the company where I work I sometimes see surveillance photos from sky (made by drones) and even from there you can sometimes spot a great hairstyle.  With help of this article, girls can easily change their hairstyles without even getting a haircut....more

Stay Stylishly Warm With These 5 Must-Have Winter Accessories

Oh my goodness, were any of you hit by this recent snowstorm? We had three feet of snow dumped on us, and not only was there a ton of snow… it was really cold!Being stuck in the house for days means that all those winter sales were calling my name, so I came up with five winter accessories that I love for this time of year!#1: Fingerless Gloves...more
Fleece-lined tights are amazing, and I practically live in my sheepskin boots!more

Winter for Wimps (Like Me!)

Winter for Wimps Like Me! ...more