5 Ways to Kick the Winter Blues

If you're over the cold, snow & winter, raise your hand. My guess is that more than half of the country has their hand raised. We are entering into the dreaded part of the year where we just want winter to be over. Spring cannot come soon enough.As we await the awakening of spring and continue to curse the season that is winter, there are just 5 simple things I think you can do to kick the winter blues....more

Dear January

January, you have been cold, dark and dreary, but I expected that. I fought your darkness with the fire of my ambition - starting a million challenges at once (well, OK, three) - new job, 30 days without alcohol, and the 30 day blogging challenge: Zero to Hero....more


Let's be real, people. This time of year sucks. It's gray, it's cold, and if you're me, you're faced with the option of getting frostbite outside with your temperature-immune toddler or being stuck in the house with your stir-crazy toddler. I'm not one of those magic moms with tons of creative crafts and indoor activities in my arsenal, and frankly I don't even have the motivation to Pinterest them. I mean, yesterday we made cookies, but I proceeded to eat half the dough while moodily staring out the window. You might say I'm a little SAD, as in, seasonal affective disordered....more

Feeling Good

One of the easiest ways I know to put a smile on my face is to hug one of my dogs.  Studies have shown that petting a dog or cat lowers anxiety and blood pressure. Pets give you unconditional love.  They are always thrilled to see you walk through the door.  You can leave for an hour and when you return, they greet you like they haven't seen you in a week! ...more

The January Blues

Well, it's the middle of January, and we should all be getting a little grumpy trying to maintain our New Year resolutions.  I am grumpy but it's not because of any new year resolutions. I don't make any and it's not that I think I'm perfect, far from it!  I just don't like to set myself up for ...more

A Simple Trick

Want to shake the winter blues?  I have a simple trick that works every time.Pick up the phone and call a friend!  Yep, it's really that easy.  Especially for empty-nesters, it is vital to maintain that human contact.  Just a few minutes chatting with a friend will chase the blues away, re-energize your spirit, and actually lower your blood pressure....more

Winter (or, Seasonal Affective Disorder, I hate you a lot)

I am not a winter person. Given my choice of the seasons, I’ll pick summer every time. I love the heat, and I even love the humidity. I like it when stepping out my front door feels like walking into an oven. I like the sun, the warmth, and the long evenings that are perfect for picnicking or taking your kid to the park or drinking sangria on patios with friends. I love lying in the grass and reading for hours on end. I love summer....more
@Katie Smith Oh thanks! I do take a lot of vitamin d - I read a study somewhere that in Canada, ...more

Waiting for Winter to Arrive

 (My back car window after a snowfall)  Beats actually cleaning the windows...plus I don't remember where I put my ice scraper...or snow shovel...here in Milwaukee I have my own name for winter, I call it HGTV se...more
@Cindyhuber LOVE the cheese heads.more

Cleaning Away the Winter Blues

We've been getting hammered with snow here on the East Coast.  Normally, I enjoy cooking and baking and reading during a blizzard...but 4 weeks in a row!  Enough is enough!  We were going stir crazy...so I started cleaning and organizing...I feel so much better...to read more click here....more

We Are Hothouse Flowers, Waiting

I'm waiting for seeds to come in for the winter sowing I was told about by kind-hearted gardeners who have taken on my needy hothouse spirit as a salvage project.But in the meantime, I found orchids. Orchids! Inexpensive ones languishing on a sale rack at Lowe's....more