Seasonal Affective Disorder – Why am I Sad in the Winter?

Many of us (myself included) struggle to adjust to a loss of day light after we “fall back” into Standard Time for the fall and winter. Leaving work in the dark, getting less time outside in the sun, and feeling rushed in the evenings can all contribute to a sense of dreariness this time of year. Also, for me personally — I really hate being cold. But hating being cold isn’t enough to make a person SAD. Let’s get to the bottom of this together....more

5 Ways to Kick the Winter Blues

If you're over the cold, snow & winter, raise your hand. My guess is that more than half of the country has their hand raised. We are entering into the dreaded part of the year where we just want winter to be over. Spring cannot come soon enough.As we await the awakening of spring and continue to curse the season that is winter, there are just 5 simple things I think you can do to kick the winter blues....more

This winter has been hard on my cats.

It's true.  This winter has created monsters out of my four cats.  Yes, four cats...don't judge.  I didn't start out with a goal of being the crazy cat lady, but, alas, I have become just that.  My cats are all outdoor lovers.  This winter has kept them indoors with pent up energy.  They gave up even attempting to go out on the deck.  Too cold.  Too much snow.  ...more

The Bright Side of the Late-Winter Snowstorm

There might be a foot of snow coming. So says the friendly local meteorologist. And why not? They’ve been giving us bad news all winter: sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, more sub-zero temperatures....more

The real post.

January’s NaBlopomo has come to an end.I pat myself on the back Yep, thirty-one consecutive posts...Ta-dum!   As I sign up for February’s NaBlopomo...more
It is a good one...go for it!more