How to Add Pop to a Small Bedroom With Beadboard

Since our little guy’s bedroom is so small, we wanted to give it a little something extra. We wanted a little architectural interest coupled with a place to display pictures and other accessories. To achieve this, we installed beadboard paneling with picture ledge trim. ...more
How high did your beadboard end up being up the wall?more

Lessons Learned About Interior Painting

I'll be honest. I expected that it would take four coats of paint to cover up that red mess that reminded me of dried cow blood. And that was WITH a quality paint plus primer. Without it, I figured it would be something like eight coats of paint. ...more
Use a dark primer. If you buy the gray primer they sell in the store, have them add black to ...more

Fix-It Wednesday: 10 Tips for Buying Used or Damaged Furniture

Nearly every piece of furniture in our house was purchased at a bargain price because it was used, scratched, dented or just flat-out broken. I love to troll garage sales and the scratch-n-dent sections of stores for a hidden treasure or two. How else can you get a gorgeous couch for under $100?   ...more
  do you repair and upgrade the furniture you find or do you outsource it.? I just picked up a ...more

Tutorial Tuesday: 3 Wood Working Skills Every Girl Needs!

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past year of professional furniture up-cycling, it’s that MOST of the work in creating a beautiful piece of painted furniture happens long before you crack open a can of paint. ...more

Makeover Monday: Bookshelves, Beadboard & Burlap

Do you have one of those rooms in your house? You know, the room where all of the unwanted items in your life go to die. The room that just doesn’t feel right to you. ...more
My heart just skipped a beat! look at all that storage space!more

Fast Fix Friday: Menu Board

There are some things you should know about me, if you don’t already. 1) I’m pregnant and NESTING. 2) I love lists. 3) I’m really into Pinterest. 4) I’m pretty into yellow these days. Like, REALLY. It’s in my kitchen, living room, master bedroom, hall bathroom and baby’s room (along with different coordinating colors in each room). ...more
Yes. My niece gave me something similar for Christmas a few years ago. I love it.more

Fix-It Wednesday: 3 Tricks for Insulating Your Home

When winter comes along and the temperatures drop, your once warm and cozy home can get a bit cool and drafty. But it doesn't have to be uncomfortable; there are many ways to keep your heating and energy bills in check. Our house is 112 years old and believe me, there are some cold spots. So I've done some quick and easy projects to stop the drafts and keep us snug and warm. ...more
We insulated our outlets. The ones in the kitchen really needed it. - Karenmore

Tutorial Tuesday: Pillow Shams

We like to change things up at our house.  It keeps things looking fresh and interesting. Sometimes we will rearrange the furniture or even paint a room. It livens things up a bit. ...more

Makeover Monday: Recycled Pallet Wood Dressing Room

I'm not crazy about hanging up clothes. Truly, I've had this "issue" since ... forever. So when a blank wall kept staring at me while my clothes were slung all over my bed, I came up with a plan. I dreamt the wall was loaded with hooks so I could merrily throw my clothes against it like some carnival game, hoping they'd catch! Fun!  ...more
I think it would be perfect in a mud room!! Looks greatmore

Fast Fix Friday: Quick Curtains from Tablecloths

While I loved my old drapes, I really needed something that would freshen up the room a bit and give it that "spring" feel. My only problem is that my window is 108 inches wide  and my curtain rod is 87 inches high. It takes 4 panels to cover the window. Last time it was almost $200 just for some panels on sale. I thought I would look for some cheap fabric when I got around to it. ...more
Love it! What type of pattern is this  and where did you find it? I want to do exactly what you did!more