Why I Didn't #BoycottSochi

I’ll be honest when I start this off.I am not a sports fan.I’m ok with playing some of them — I’ll play volleyball, quite happily.  I love swimming.  I’ve dabbled in snowboarding.  I like to think I’m a runner, even though I haven’t run in months, haha…. I love cardio kick boxing…But I participate in every single one of those....more

This weeks gratitude list (#16)

This is my gratitude list for this week.In no particular order:1.  Thanks to Laurel Regan @alphabetsalad for creating this weekly event so we are all prompted to remember to be grateful. 2.  To all of the Canadian Athletes in Sochi, Russia.  They have worked so hard and sacrificed so much in order to be a part of the Winter Olympics 2014.  I am personally so proud of them all.  GO CANADA! ...more
inevertoldher alright, already, eh?more