Mr. P's Magic Beef Brisket

Every good husband should have a repertoire of amazing, manly dishes he can whip up for his doting wife when she’s had a bad day, feeling sick, or just unmotivated to cook.  My husband, Rob (aka Mr. President, Honeybee, Mr....more
glutenfreegigi Thanks, Gigi! We do love us some wintertime comfort foods in our house. ;)more

Perfect Latkes

  Tonight, my husband and I enjoyed a fusion meal of German bratwurst served up with homemade spicy-sweet mustard and perfect latkes. Analogous to our marriage, my ancestors are German while his are Russian Jewish, it just works. And it especially works on a dreary Friday night in winter washed down with a couple of ice-cold lagers, straight from the bottle....more

Carrot-Jalapeno Soup With Orange Juice and Sunchokes

For Day 12 of Countdown to Soup Swap: A gluten-free, veggie-optional carrot soup with nutty sunchokes and a kick of jalapeno. ...more

What an interesting mix of flavors! I will definitely try this out on a cold day!more