10 Tips on How to Achieve Healthy Winter Skin

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I only recently started taking this seriously, despite the fact that I'm as dry as a shell every ...more

Winter Beauty Care - Hands, Elbows & Feet

   Baby, it's cold outside!  It's cold outside and warm inside but both conditions are making our skin dry.  What's a girlie to do to try and stay soft and supple? Well, you can buy the hundred if not thousands of brands out there that claim to give you softer more supple skin but best believe, you are going to pay for it! No, I don't mean just a little...I mean A LOT. One example is body scrub. Honestly...since many body scrubs can be DIY, I find some of the prices ridiculous.  Well, that's just me, but you get my point....more

Countdown to Christmas 43 Days and Counting

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Aquaphor - Spa in a tube for dry winter skin

My six-year-old has terrible dry skin; his little hands crack and bleed almost as soon as the heat comes on at our house.  And honestly, there is nothing more pitiful than a kindergartener who is having trouble coloring because his hand is bleeding on his picture.   Seriously, you all.  It's bad.  ...more

My poor nose and chin are red and flakey after this weekend. I bought the two-pack at Walgreens ...more