Day22: Threat of Massive Power Outages

Winter Storm Alert. With the threat of massive power outages all across Southern Ontario, I am posting a couple of hours before midnight and not tomorrow morning for Dec. 22. The freezing rain has already cut power to homes west of here but the concern is that the ice will bring down not just power lines but the towers as well. The forecast is for 30- 40 mm of freezing rain  lasting up to 60 hours plus another10 cm of snow, with branches already bending over the weight of the ice build up....more

Is It Spring, Yet?

I guess it hit me when Ruth Curran, of Cranium Crunches, asked me for snow photos. She uses them on her blog to create brain teasers and puzzles to keep all of us alert and at the ready....more
@elaineR.N.  i want to vacation with you and Alan so much, we need to make it happen in 2014 ok?more

Forget The bread And Milk, I Needed A Can Opener!!

Here we go again...sigh.  The weather forecasters are just as excited as they were exactly a week ago but they are being very careful to tell us that "This is not a major winter storm event".  After last week's confident forecast of winter weather failed to materialize,  the weather team on the local news is trying hard not to get our hopes up.  Rather the hopes of school kids and teachers and others who can stay home and enjoy the storm, I mean. I can safely say, that everytime winter weather is predicted, it always falls on a day when I have to go to the store ...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 109 – A REAL Winter Storm

 I am thankful for a REAL winter storm...more