Black Choker Blouse.

I jumped pretty hard on the choker bandwagon (still on it, thanks very much), but only recently picked up this cool black choker blouse....more

Navy Faux Fur + Burgundy Thigh High Boots.

A little fashion drama never hurt anyone, right?...more

Paisley Holiday Look: Velvet Suit for NYE.

I'm not typically one for subtlety, but especially not on New Year's Eve– because it's also my birthday....more

LSR + LocalE Sweatshirt.

Choosing ...more

Navy Faux Fur Jacket.

I have a thing for jackets. And I have a thing for ridiculous pieces....more

Eyelash Sweater + Flatforms.

Sweater and jeans, sweater and jeans, rinse and repeat. You gotta stay warm, but man if that doesn't get a little boring....more

Freezing + Nordstrom Giveaway.

If Zara and Obi-Wan Kenobi had a baby, it would be this poncho....more

Caped Crusader.

Happy Thanksgiving! How many slices of pumpkin pie have you had today? (I bet my number by day’s end will be at least three. Maybe four.)...more