#JustWrite draft of a Chapter from Bluebirds, a novel:

The contents of Lynn’s stomach splattered the tops of her bare feet without warning, speckled the couch, and quickly seeped between the floorboards.  She’d dropped her coffee cup which shattered, it’s contents joining her barely digested breakfast that was now everywhere. Ben had forced her to eat something; made her a cup of coffee, and handed her one measly piece of toast with smashed banana, even though she hadn’t felt like eating in days.  This was the longest she’d been home in…what was it?  Seven?  Ten days? ...more

Page One

In desperation of trying to succeed this NaBloPoMo I decided to share with you a wee sample of my novel I’ve been working on.         Sorry, I had to get that picture out just one more time, but it really is what happens in my book!   Okay, for real now, page one of Denali… The night all too quickly disappeared into a brightly li...more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Haha, when I finish editing it, and then edit it again, and then after I ...more

Crochet Class #2

I'm ashamed to say that for various reasons I didn't do a single stitch of actual crochet practice this past week (though I did buy a great bag with tons of zippered pockets in which to store all my crochet supplies!). ...more