How to Get Free and Secure Wireless Anywhere

Portable WiFi can be as little as 20 bucks a month, but for the 200 or so MB you get and the slow speed that comes with it, you’d be better off upgrading to the $50-$60 for carrier WiFi with unlimited data on the faster 3/4G network.But why pay when you can get it for free? Well, if you don’t have the time to hunt for WiFi or just need it occasionally, then you may have to pay. Otherwise, if you are flexible and can get around easily enough, there are plenty of resources out there for free WiFi.Resources for free WiFi:...more

How Can I Ensure My Social Network Interactions are Secure on Wireless?

Privacy on social networks seems a little oxymoronic to me. We tell the world about our lives, but we don’t want everyone to knoweverything. I know many people who only want some people to share in their experiences, but those same people often friend people they don’t know. See what I mean? Anyway, it is still a good idea to lock down all your privacy settings and avoid friending people you don’t really know.But what about security?...more

College Students Need to Protect Wireless on iPads

A recent study estimated that nine out of ten undergraduate students will own a smartphone by the time this year’s crop of freshmen is slated to graduate. As this demographic grows, college students are increasingly at risk of having their privacy compromised. Mobile-using students also tend to use unprotected public WiFi networks more, which adds additional risk factors to their profile....more

What is NFC and Why Do I Need It?

NFC makes just about anything smarter. Imagine flipping on music when you walk into a room with just a wave, or see a new recipe from a grocery store ad with just a tap. Wouldn’t it be nice to start up your workstation and access your email just by setting your phone on the desk?...more

No Wires Required: Device to Device Connectivity Has Never Been Easier

New standards in wireless communications are leapfrogging previous standards, increasing connectivity performance and improving battery life to keep you always on ...more

How to Troubleshoot Your Wireless Router

Today’s blog is about how to troubleshoot your wifi/wireless router. Many things can cause your router to go offline. I’m going to guess that you are surfing along and get no connection or you come to your computer, there is no connection. You didn’t do anything and it’s not working! GRRR, yes, it’s irritating....more

You win this round, AT&T.

Had a great e-mail from AT&T today, inviting me to sign up for paperless billing and offering - as an incentive - to plant a tree on my behalf. They call it Go Paperfree and Plant a Tree.I love this for a few reasons.  ...more

It almost makes me want to return to paper billing and then revert back! I just like trees. ...more

Small Business Tip: New Mobile Payment Processing from Amazon

Small retailers and businesses there are new mobile payment options! Amazon is rolling out a new offering bringing mobile payment processing for partners. This new suite of payment processing tools for mobile devices makes online shopping easier and faster for consumers and allows cell phone users to quickly pay with their devices at partner retailers. ...more

I work from home with a company that manufactures products that we’re already buying ...more

Small Business Tip: New Satellite Phone with "Smart Wireless" Features Coming

Businesses, government agencies and international organizations are the initial target markets for a new satellite phone service coming from AT&T.  The TerreStar Genus phone will be able to make calls at sea or from remote locations.  When cellular networks are unavailable, a satellite covering North America will act as a cell site in space to provide coverage to help users stay connected. ...more

Big Time Identity Theft Hackers Indicted

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert ...more