Crone's Disease

Lately I’ve been feeling tired and irritable. Yeah, I know, how is that different from all the time, right? But seriously, it’s something new right now, something I haven’t felt before in quite the way that I do now.It’s not just getting up at 4:30 5 days a week to get some writing done before work. Not that kind of tired.It’s more just this simmering feeling of frustration a lot of the time, a kind of fed-up-ness with idiocy and selfishness and childishness.In short, it’s Crone’s Disease....more
I like your post.more

Body Wisdom

Today's writing prompt is:  "Something my body (or someone else's) has taught me."  Dena Hobbs, yoga instructor and author of "Lighten the Darkness:  An Advent Journey Through Hope" thought this one up and I'm glad she did!...more

Words of Advice for (from) my inner child.

Recently I seem to be reading more and more articles about wisdom people wish they had as a child, teenager or younger adult.I get it, I do. But I also think 'I'm not dead yet' and 'it is never too late to learn'. With this is mind, here are some lessons I would like my 'inner child' to learn. ...more


 I Tim. 3:14-16/Lk. 7:31-35...more

Staying in a difficult conversation . . .

We’ve just passed the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting in Aurora Colorado, and I want to reflect on something good that came from a conversation when it was fresh news. I met a young veteran of one of our recent wars in the Middle East on Facebook. (I’ll call him Paul.)He didn’t like my comment on a friend’s post.   I’d said that my compassion extended to the shooter as well as the victims and their families, because we never know what kind of pain a person must be in that would cause them to do such a thing. ...more

Unexpected Wisdom

The most surprising things pop up in my inbox. For example, I get newsletters from a Tarot website once a month. I guess I must have signed up to be a member of their site at some point… I just don’t remember doing it.  ...more

The Legacy

As far as legacies go, my tastes lie with something simple, like a check. Or stock. Or heirloom china. Unfortunately Mama wasn’t the heirloom china type. What I got when she departed for the peaceful place where mothers don’t have to cook, clean, or say, “If I told you once, I told you a million times,” was not the inheritance I assumed was my birthright. What she left me was the very thing I was the least qualified to handle. Wisdom....more

Honoring You

 Honoring  " facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, forgiveness."...more

Advice from My 62 Year Old Self: 12 Key Lessons

I always love "advice to my younger self" type posts. Simply because if we are purposeful about it, we do become wise women as we continue to experience life. There are always some time-tested lessons (like - I should've listened to my mother!) and new epiphanies that only the living can bring. Here is a great post from Adela of The Black Tortoise on what her 62 year old self would say to her younger self. ...more

There’s No Right Track

Mike RobbinsI was talking to a mentor of mine a few weeks ago and I asked him, “Do you think I’m on the right track?”  He said to me, “Mike, the issue isn’t whether or not you’re on the ‘right’ track; it’s that you think there’s a ‘right’ track to begin with.”As we talked about this more and I began to think about it in a different way, I realized that so often I find myself striving for this insatiable “right track,” as if there’s some place I’m “supposed” to be and some outside authority who can validate it for me....more