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You Can't Pass Down Your Tweets

My great-grandfather came to this country from Italy in the early 1900's.  His supposed intention was to send for his wife and children after he got settled but his family never heard from him again. So his daughter, my grandmother, came to America when she was 16 years old to look for him.  According to my mother, my grandmother said she never found out what happened and wouldn't talk about him anymore.I often think how sad it was that my mother and her siblings never got to know their grandfather or really anything about him....more
I have been thinking about that a lot lately, namely because my mother's family is showing signs ...more

The Gift of Being Good Enough

     I keep putting cruel authority figures in my life and letting them belittle me.  Another attack tonight took me by surprise and left me running out of class in tears.  When I don't listen to the whispers in my life, they throw bricks to get my attention and then a wall falls on my head.  Okay, I'm listening.  You can stop throwing bricks at me.  I'm thoroughly bruised up.  What are you trying to teach me?  What lesson do I need to master? ...more

Part Three of Wisdom Has a Woman’s Name: Proverbs for Today?

The Daughter asked: “How do you spin all day, and seeso little for your effort, and keep from discouragement?” The Mother answered: “See this little square of texture and design?It is enough to wrap the universe in comfort and warmth.” The Daughter was perplexed. “How can this be?” The Mother replied: “Even a few inches of loving intentcan spread to span continents. Ask a ray of sun.”...more

The Sunflower Story

The doorbell rang. It was 6:30 PM. It was rainy, dark, and cold outside. I opened the door and there stood my neighbor, Susan, with a bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers in her hand. They appeared to be smiling at me.She thrust them at me saying, “These are for you!” I was surprised, even taken aback. Then, suddenly the words came pouring out of my mouth, “thank you, thank you” as I realized the flowers were for me.   Susan said to me “It has been dreary and raining for days, and I am concerned about you”....more

Part One: Wisdom Has a Woman's Name

“The wise woman builds her house ... ” (Proverbs 14:1).       I remember when I first heard this verse, as a young teenager. I was being quite deliberately counseled and “fed” the word. Somehow, a slightly older high school girl in our church had evidently seen promise in me, and had taken me on in her one-on-one discipleship ministry. I had parents who were both churchgoers, active in attendance and support of the small suburban start-up church in our neighborhood....more
Hello there, Isabel! Good evening! I noticed this link in one of the comments under a post and ...more

Ancient healing tradition of naming and listening

“The Wise Woman tradition is the oldest tradition on our planet. It focuses on healing through nourishing. It is symbolized by a spiral, the ever-changing movement of life and health. In the Wise Woman tradition, health is defined as flexibility. We build health by nourishing the unique individual in all of her or his wholeness. The foundations of nourishment are simple ritual, compassionate listening, and simple whole foods and herbs.” – Michelle Royce ...more

Wisdom is...

"Mostly we run around doing. Are you able to come to a stop in your life, even for one moment? Could it be this moment? What would happen if you did?" - Jon Kabat-Zinn...more

Dad’s Wisdom – Still Relevant in Life and Business

WisdomThis time of year it's good to slow down and reflect on what we know, what we have learned and what knowledge we still need to acquire. It's valuable to ponder the wisdom of those we have loved and lost and perhaps wished we had listened to a bit more often....more

In Third Grade, My Son Is The Teacher

Today my son started third grade. Like most mothers do, I'm wondering how it's even possible that eight years have passed since he was born. I do remember a few years of being terrified, a few years of being overwhelmed, a couple months of being angry and frustrated and doing my damnedest to hide it, and one or three days where I felt I got everything right. And of course there's all the sweetness and smiles interwoven with all of the above, which is how any of us are able to do it in the first place. So yeah, I guess that could add up to eight years, huh?...more
BTW, my son had the same circa 2002 bouncy seat -- that caught my eye right away!more