Younger Women And The Check Mark For Elder Respect...

For the moms out here who have a certain anxiety in the pit of their stomachs as daughters fast approach those hormonal/unsettling teenage years? I say, you're just preparing for the war! A teen daughter's mishaps, uncertainties and learning curves, will ultimately pass over without too much fanfare if she's raised with the best of motherly& fatherly advice and attention- hopefully. In real time, it's often the single mom who is doing the raising where she has become both parents; mom and dad to her teenaged daughter....more

DAY SEVEN: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

“Holy One,” a disciple is said to have asked a master within the context of a traditional “school” of learning. “What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?” The Holy One answered: “When you have knowledge, you use a torch to show the way. When you are wise, you become the torch.”...more

DAY FIVE: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

Historian Caroline Walker Bynum has observed in her book Holy Feast and Holy Fast that “women’s symbols express contradiction and opposition less than synthesis and paradox” (1988, p. 289). There is in feminine sensibility a movement toward union rather than disengagement....more

DAY FOUR Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

The Mother remembered when she had cradled her Daughter in her arms, an infant of possibility and delight. Now the Daughter stood full to her own height and carried burdens beyond her own capacity. “Tell me of my early days,” the Daughter implored. “Was I always gazing at the moon, looking for Something Else?” “Yes,” remembered the Mother. “And thus the Child extends the boundaries of the Mother from the first day of its life. This is a part of what is meant by Immortality.”...more

Words of Wisdom Wednesday.

Since I fancy myself a modern day confusious, *insert sarcastic laugh here*, I figured I would turn my Wednesdays into Words of Wisdom Wednesday. ...more

DAY THREE: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

While general rules can be helpful in evaluating life’s values: “Wise conduct is pleasure to a person of understanding” (Prov. 10:23b), women’s wisdom acknowledges  the ambiguity and fluidity of life’s besetting issues and fluctuating situations. And effectively implementing women’s wisdom always requires something more—an actualized understanding—to come to the fore and literally bring life out of chaos. “The mother’s service is nearest, readiest and surest,” concluded fourteenth-century English mystic Julian of Norwich in her Showings....more

Book Review: Becoming Flame (Mother's Day gift!)

Mother's Day became an American national holiday in 1914, but most would agree that mothers deserved praise and celebration long before that....more

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Also see my excerpts in daily blogs on Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers ...more

DAY TWO: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

Susan Cahill writes in the Introduction to her anthology Wise Women: “Perhaps because it has been women’s task throughout history ‘to go on believing in life when there was almost no hope,’ in the words of Margaret Mead, women have sought and cultivated the goods of the spirit out of a practical need for meaning” (1996, p. xv). “The attention of your Soul will wax and wane like the Moon itself,” the Mother assured her Daughter. “Do not disdain one state or the other. To experience both is what is meant by Fullness of Being.”...more

DAY ONE: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.        —Sophocles.   The Mother and Daughter saw a great ship on the horizon, its sails catching the red and gold of the morning rays.   “I long to be carried by such a glorious ship to the land of my hopes and dreams,” wished the Daughter aloud.   “You have been blessed with just such a Ship,” said the Mother.   “What is its name?” asked the Daughter.  ...more

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“For the supreme gift of ...more

I did it, mama.

She was sitting at the island in the kitchen, the speckled teal formica* even with her collar bone, a sandwich and juice in front of her, a sister on each side. She had called for my attention and so I put the bread knife down and said, “What is it sweetie?” and she looked at me quietly. I smiled, she paused a beat, then smiled....more