Mommas Pearls

Pearl of the day: Pass down, re-purpose and pass on*We gather our strength by learning from others.*When my sister was asked to draw a picture of her family in elementary school she drew my mother in a prim and proper dress with a beautiful white pearls around her neck. ...more

Black Women: Why Is Straight Hair The "Good" Hair?

Yes, I'm going to go there! ...more

Unfailingly Human. Damn.

My entry on my blog yesterday was something that I thought might resonate with folks here, so I am posting an excerpt.  Enjoy!   I had a hell of a conversation last night. I am still reeling. ...more

A Simple Dinner, and Complex Truths

by Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

It is great to see you on BlogHer, Dr. Allen! 

I'm one of the Contributing Editors to ...more

Lincoln, the great Aquarius

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln. Turning 200 years old today, and looking not a day over 56. Your time in office and The Civil War aged you, etching deep (but beautiful) lines into your face. But goodness endures, as time and test have proven when it comes to you and your Presidency. Many come to Washington D.C. and Springfield, Illiinois to honor you and share in your wisdom and good graces. Born in the Sign of Aquarius, you were true to your Sun Sign, with its airy, head-first, hidden aspects. You spoke eloquently, but you did not always speak your mind. ...more

Embracing Change

I mean, why fight it? Change is a constant in ones' life. I've over the years learned from living life experiences that 'life is about change' and "it is what it is". Having acknowledged that for my own bit of reality checkup here, still doesn't diminish the fact that change can be ,and oftentimes is...scary. ...more

Quakers and Truth

I've been learning about Quakers.  Up until recently, my knowledge of them has been limited to the fact that I like their oatmeal and they seem like quiet, humble people.  The other night, looking for some light reading, I picked up the book "A Quaker Book of Wisdom," by Robert Lawrence Smith.  (He comes from a long line of Quakers - original, not offshoot).  It was a gift given long ago (can't remember by whom, probably my mother-in-law), so I picked it up on a whim. ...more


Today's thought from Hazelden is: A man is what he thinks about all day long. --Ralph Waldo Emerson This is true for women too. We sure learned that about our disease as well. It kept us thinking about alcohol or drugs all day every day until we could think of little else. Finally we became addicts, gobbled up by our all consuming thoughts and cravings. Now in recovery, we can be something else. We are becoming free of our addiction, and our minds can think about other things. What do we want to think about? What do we want to be? ...more

Weekly Good Fortune Scopes!

Welcome to the weekly Good Fortune Scopes, November 16th – 22nd MAY GOOD FORTUNE SHINE ON YOU ALWAYS! ARIES ...more

Weekly Good Fortune Scopes!

Welcome to the weekly Good Fortune Scope for November 9th – 15th MAY GOOD FORTUNE SHINE ON YOU ALWAYS! ARIES ...more