The Second Bah Humbug: Wish List Making

I cannot be the only one...whose family is not known for being list makers, no to do list, no grocery list, and absolutely, positively no Christmas lists. I know this sounds silly, how could we possibly expect to receive any gifts we really love if we don't let people know what it is we want, but we never take the time to sit and put pencil to paper to create a list.  My family's aversive attitude towards holiday wish list is going to have to change because I have somehow become the PR person for all things gift related for all three of us, and it's starting to get exasperating....more

Wine Wish List: The Wine Decanter

The wine decanter is an item that many wine lovers surprisingly do not have, some think they wouldn't use it or that decanting doesn't really do anything to enhance the wine, but regardless of the reason many of your wine loving gift recipients are without a decanter, giving you the opportunity to broaden their wine drinking horizons....more

Birthday Wish List!

Last night I wrote 'What I don't want this blog to be about' and in a month today will be my birthday! So now I want to apply that to my Birthday too. I want to celebrate in the same fashion!...more

Friday Favorites

I've been doing a little online browsing lately (no, not shopping, trying my best to keep the wallet closed) and am currently in love with these five products. Just a few more things to add to the wish list.. sigh.....more

All I Want for Christmas Is....YOOOUUU

Every year, I am asked what I want for Christmas.  I hate this question.  Here’s why.I don’t have specific things I want.  Nothing that neatly fits into a $25 to $50 category that everyone is aiming for.  And, please, I beg you, don’t try to buy me clothes.  It usually ends up like this…...more

Summer Style

Read on my blog here....more
 @victorias_view I'm with you on the pants - I love them but not sure they would work on me ...more

A Wish List for MOm

Our babysitter helped Baby Boy make a card for Mother's Day. It was titled, "The Reasons I Love Mom." Here is what he dictated:My MOM...lets me eat gum for dinner.lets me sleep at Chuck E. Cheese.lets me use the oven.lets me drive her car....more

Dear Santa: A Parent's Un-wish List

Dear Santa, Some time in the next few days, you will receive a letter detailing an extensive list of wishes from my children. Before acting on it in any manner, please carefully consider my preemptive list of un-wishes. ...more

My son received the game Battleship for Christmas. I've already lost count of how many of those ...more

Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Holiday Wish List

What do our favorite porn performers think about the industry? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, we asked and they answered! Welcome to our latest editor’s spotlight column, where we ask a bunch of stars the same question and see what kind of awesome answers grace our inbox. This month’s question: We know you’ve all been super nice… as well as deliciously naughty this year, so… what tops your holiday wish list? ...more


We weren't even in the humongous box store five minutes when I felt a tug on my hoodie sleeve.  I smiled down at my five-year-old son."Yes?""Mom?  The clues for the Easter basket scavenger hunt.  They were made on a computer."I raised an eyebrow.  "And?"...more