Crocheting Philosophically

“The best reason for a knitter ( crocheter) to marry is that you can’t teach the cat to be impressed when you finish a lace scarf.” ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Sharing Your Talents and Brilliance 2-28-12

Change is on the horizon, and it could mean a move.Restlessness is part of the influence today, and your mental energies want to attract stimulating mental relationships and conversations.Opposing Energies: noncommittal, scattered, unfocusedWhile you may have a lot on your mind, and you feel scattered, you’ll be responding with your wit and intellect; sharing your talents and brilliance.Wide Awake Words™ for today: balance, stability, security...more

Dealing with the Annoying....

Everyone has a job.  It's how they make ends meet, maintain a standard of living and have a bit of fun.  But that doesn't mean that I have to like every single job out there.I particularly dislike any type of sales person.  This includes car salespeople, telemarketers and anyone else who deliberately inserts their presence into my daily life....more

The Elephant in the Room...

"Insanity is hereditary: You can get it from your children."Sam LevinsonSo, let's get it out there.  I find that a lot of people run and hide when they hear from a home school parent....more

Congrats on the 14-years! It's a road of mostly joys but a few bumps in the road to keep us ...more

Creating My Online Presence- YIKES!!!

So, I'm making my first post on BlogHer!  I'm pretty excited, but overwhelmed at the daunting task of having to create my presence online.  What do I share?  How much?  How little?  Will anyone get how weird and wonderful I am?My goal is to entertain.  And inspire.  And connect.  And support.  And share.  It seems like a lot as I look at the words here, but I'm hopeful....more

Accident Amnesia

For a long time I thought it was a phenomenon only known to me. I have a klutz gene and maybe even a klutz aura. I drop things, run into furniture, and bang my joints. I have passed this gene onto my daughter. She fills a glass of milk to the very top and then proceeds to spill it. When she was a young child I called her Spill-a-saurus and Drop-a-saurus, crowning her as a new breed of dinosaur. This was my way of trying to " laugh off" this trait I have given her....more

It started with my teeth

I have this theory that your body, like a car, loses a few nuts and bolts along the journey of life  My husband's  theory is that the body makes adjustments in it's functioning every 7 years....more