WW - Full Crow Moon

Today, thanks to the power of the interwebs, I discovered the full moon tomorrow night is called (among other names), "The Crow Moon." This makes me ridiculously happy, especially given the new friends I made this winter....more

tHe WiTcH oF PoRToBeLLo BooK ReVieW

It all started in a bar. After my divorce. After I had proven my sister right when she claimed I was delusional for thinking I could run a successful gift shop. After I had burned through all my settlement money to establish a real estate business....more

Something Witchy

I realized this morning that my posts so far this month for NaBloPoMo have belied my blog's tagline of, "G33k. Witch. Wordsmith." I have the "Wordsmith" covered, but I should give some equal time to the other two, before they complain....more

Movie Review: The Female Shaman in Bless Me, Ultima

The title to the movie, Bless Me, Ultima, carries the key to unlock its magic and riches, for blessings rain down on those who seek to understand. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of life on earth? Antonio’s older brothers return from the war changed men. Perhaps because his mother wants her youngest child to become a priest, Antonio’s mind is filled with questions about the nature of man, and of good and evil. It’s post-WWII in the United States, and many Americans have these questions in their hearts. ...more

Let’s Educate Instead of Hate


Wicked Good - Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen Archer’s client was a woman from Hampden, Maine. After months of stalling, her soon-to-be-ex and his lawyer had finally provided Archer with a box of financial documents. Every document was cut in half. Archer had filed a motion seeking to hold the husband in contempt for his failure to abide by the court rules. The hearing was set in front of Alan Murphy, the Judge who had presided over her divorce....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Two

 Chapter Two At her office, Archer leaned back in her chair and thought about that morning. Rory had insisted on going to school.  He hadn’t wanted to miss the first day.  She had felt anxious.  She wanted to excuse him from school so she could watch him “eyes on”, as the experts said.  He probably would be fine.  He had made his own lunch, searched for the specific black t-shirt he wanted to wear and left on his bicycle for school in a good mood....more

The Wiccans are coming! The Wiccans are coming! Wait. What is a Wiccan?

It's that time of the year. In a few days, children will be looking up at the night sky, expecting the dark silhouette of a witch on a broomstick to cross the face of the moon. What better time to talk about (and do some myth-busting about) Wicca? Most folks do not know much about Wicca, but the population of Wiccans in America is growing. ...more

This was a very interesting post.  I've always felt very curious about Wicca -  and ...more

Celtic Year - Vine Moon

// ...more

Moment of Anxiety...Moment of Prayer

Oh God(dess). How much can a human be expected to take? I mean.   Life is hard.  Nothing is promised.  There's reward on The Other Side. ...but to those who believe in a hell after death:  Do you believe in hell here on Earth? I do.  I'm watching it at work.  Not as "punishment" to a bad person.  Not to "correct" a wrong-doing in the traditional sense of right and wrong. Not even close...She is no different from any other human down here living their lives and trying to do their best with what they have... ...more

I've been there... so your words truly resonate with me! Your family is so lucky to be able ...more