Delusional Choices and Broken Hearts ~ Tarot for 30 Jan 2017

 How many more hearts will break from the new guy’s delusional choices? Today’s tarot reading asks this question given the ban on people from certain Muslim countries. His cravenness knows no bounds as the ban doesn’t apply if he’s doing business with said Muslim country. It’s about money for him and not about human rights let alone decency or democracy....more

Replacing Conflict With Love ~ Tarot for 27 Jan 2017

 More patterns emerge in today’s tarot reading. Swords, extending rays, and the shape of a caduceus appear in today’s three card spread. The Ace of Swords, King of Swords. and the 2 of Cups bring influences affecting our intellect and emotions. The numerology of the reading is three, or mastery and Air and Water are the elemental influences....more

Attachment to Outcomes ~ Tarot for 15 Jan 2017

 We learn early on to develop an attachment to outcomes, whether at home or at school. As children we learn to seek the approval of others, their voice contributing to our definition of self. Today’s reading asks, are we deriving our worth from on our own experience or waiting for the validation of others?...more