A Door to Anywhere

A door to anywhere, that’s what I’d choose. I love yesterday’s Daily Prompt from WordPress. I don’t always relate to them, but then I checked today and found this prompt. It reminds me of the television show, The Librarians. Their doors open to all sorts of adventures. And I’d love that. ...more

New Review!

New review posted on my blog!Check out Lisa Olsen's Pretty Witches All in a Row. If you like crime dramas and paranormal romances, then this is the book for you. A fun, light read that will keep turning pages.http://milestogobookreviews.com/2012/08/prettywitches.htmlHappy Reading!Visit Miles to Go Book Reviews...more

A little something witchy...

This weekend, I finished the Stella Mayweather Paranormal Series by Camilla Chafer. What a great series!! There are currently four books in the series. The last book definitely leaves an opening for more books to come...at least I hope!...more

Creepy Crawly Shivery Things!

Troll, Faerie, Magical. In the darkest woods you might be chased By a fey little man with an elfin face, who crept beside you and kept apace till he decided or not to give you his grace.For the rest of the poem including a reading by the author click here!...more
@HomeRearedChef I saw it and thank you! You are the best support!more

(VIDEO) What to Feed Your Vampire

I usually hate book trailers. I love what BlogHer Book Club author Deborah Harkness has done instead -- tips for wining and dining your favorite vampire. ...more

What a great idea...the video instead of a trailer. Harkness does such a good job...certainly ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Eight

 Chapter Eight Archer had made the drive to Bangor General many times. She remembered at least seven. Four to the emergency room—three lawn mower related accidents, one a sledding mishap. Rory was lucky to have all of his fingers. Plus three trips to the psychiatric wing. The first time, he was eight years old. The last, he was twelve. As she drove, she tried Wayne’s cell.  No answer. She wondered if he had forgotten to charge his phone again....more

Charlotte….It is just not Halloween without her!

Sometimes, real life is stranger than fiction.  Sometimes, when you look back at a time in your life, you can’t believe that the experience really happened, because it was so bizarre.  When you share the story with family and friends, they think you are making it up.  But you are not.  Your imagination could never hold a candle to the real life experience….....more

What Do You Really Know About Pagans?

It occurs to me that there is a group of people whose faith is mentioned at this time of year but we gloss over it and head for the mall instead. Pagans. People complain about the commoditization of the holidays. Some folks invoke the word “pagan” but what the heck do any of us know about the faith? We know that there are elements of some holiday activities that have been appropriated/stolen from Pagan practices. ...more
I want to thank you for this peice, for being open enough to learn and kind enough to care. Smore

Book Review: The Shape of Mercy

"I used to think mercy meant showing kindness to someone who didn't deserve it, as if only the recipie ...more

Toil and Trouble In Paradise

You know how when you're really in the mood for a good hot pot of witch's brew? I mean, totally emotionally invested in it, that nothing can stop you? And now your family's happiness is riding on it because you promised them you'd make the best pot of disected animal pieces they've ever had? I mean, just the thought of Dragon's blood and Toe of Frog makes your mouth water, doesn't it? ...more