Wizard of Oz Quilt

This is my latest project for a special gift for my daughter who has been a devoted "W of O" fan since she first saw the movie as a child.  I love finding Oz things for her.  When I discovered this Wizard of Oz fabric, I knew I had to make a quilt for her.  I then decided to embroider characters on it.  It is still in the quilting process, but here are a few pics.I just took an ordinary child's' coloring book and traced the characters....more

Wizard of Oz Quilt

Sometimes Superman Wears Sweats

I love living in Southern California, but just as Eden had snakes, so the Southland is home to two nasty creatures whose acquaintance I could easily have gone an entire lifetime without making, thank you very much. ...more

My Christmas Ornament Obsession

I LOVE Christmas. It really is the most glorious time of the year (except for that perfect Fall day with a bonfire and changing leaves… or any day where I’m splayed out on a beach with a frosty drink in my hand).Like many of you, our little family went Christmas tree shopping over the weekend....more
Love the blog. I must confess I have developed an obsession and have now collected almost every ...more

Saturday Memory: Margaret Hamilton on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

I'm going to try and dedicate Saturday posts to happy and pleasant memories for which I am thankful.As most children of the 70′s in Pittsburgh are apt, I do love Mr. Rogers. My Mum describes how I would rush pell mell home from the busstop to watch him after kindergarten each day. I don’t really remember that (I was 4 and 5) but I do have a few vivid memories of the show itsel....more

No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home-     Trying to figure out what to write and all that keeps popping up in my head is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Now what?  Do I have some kind of Dororthy complex?  I don't think so, but what is it about the whole Wizard of Oz thing?    Maybe, just maybe, the Wizard of Oz cast of characters represents who we are at different times of our lives.  No, I'm not crazy, I think it's been clear but no one else has figured it out!  We are all just living somewhere over the rainbow....more

Wizard of Oz Party Inspiration

So this movie Oz /The Great and Powerful is out in theatres and it inspired me to create this Oz birthday party idea board (based on the original Wizard of Oz movie). ...more

In Praise of Superheroes and Magic Wands

   Copyright All rights reserved by lusobrandane...more

When I Am Queen of Oz

One morning I will wake up in the Land of Oz. I know it. I've known it for years. I will go to sleep in my world and wake up in Oz. I'll know I'm there by the almost-painful brightness of the Technicolor. The Mayor of Munchkin City will declare me Queen. I will accept the position, of course. I have never understood why Dorothy spends the whole movie pissing and moaning about needing to get back to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry when she could have stayed in Oz and ruled a country in which the trees talk. ...more

Secure Your WordPress Hosting Now

It's Christmas in June!  After having illuminating discussions with MaAnna Stephenson, Tech Goddess Extraordinaire AND my Network Engineering Tech Genius to Bill Gates (seriously) Hubby, AND reading more than enough from top level research sites online... I've got important news for Bloggers....more