Women Playing the NBA?

Last week David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA told Sports Illustrated that a woman playing in the NBA is "well within the range of possibility".I am not sure how I feel about this. Of course my first reactions was Woo Hoo! Women in the NBA! But then I had to take a step back. What would happen to the WNBA if women started playing in the NBA? If the NBA took the very best female players then it changes everything....more

because one of the women in it is my all time favorite basketball player, Deanna Nolan #14 of ...more

October: It's Not Just For Baseball

When I think about sports in October the first thing that comes to mind is baseball. October means playoff series' and hot dogs and beer. The World Series begins on October 28th this year. They call clutch baseball players who do well in the post season "Mr. October". October is for baseball, right?Well, yes and no. Sure we love championship baseball and late-inning comebacks, but there is more to October than just baseball....more

I have no interest in baseball and like football because everyone I know seems to enjoy it ...more

Women Talk Sports: You Have Got to Check This Out

What do you get when you take three female sports bloggers on a mission to promote women's sports? You get something amazing. You get Women Talk Sports. Women Talk Sports is an amazing site that covers almost anything you would want to know having to do with women's sports. Ann Gaffigan, Megan Hueter and Jane Schonberger founded a web community to support female athletics and issues dealing with women in sports. Check out their mission statement: ...more

What You Missed if You Didn't Watch the 2009 WNBA Draft

The Women's National Basketball Association held their annual draft yesterday and I was there. Really. I was sitting in the draft room. I have proof.   That is a picture of me with Megan Hueter from Women Talk Sports in the room where the top 15 prospects and the ESPN commentators were. ...more

.... that you were there. I was so sad that I couldn't join you because of family Passover ...more

10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women's Basketball

I've been wanting to write a post about women's basketball for a while now and I had so many ideas that I wasn't sure where to start. Then I was inspired by microblogging. (I love you Twitter.) Instead I will write ten short posts on why you should all be watching women's basketball, and since we all love lists, I give you: 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women's Basketball10) Women's Basketball Empowers Women ...more

We are women's basketball fans in my house, too. In fact, my husband's a newspaper sports ...more

WNBA on WVFC- Donna Orender

By Donna OrenderPresident, Women's National Basketball Association ...more

When the WNBA is Slammed Diana Taurasi Rebounds

Last week Melissa Rohlin wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times about why she doesn't follow the WNBA. I understand that it isn't that unusual for someone to accuse the WNBA of being boring, but there are two things that made this article stand out. ...more


Becky Hammon: Traitor or Just Living the Dream?

I was flying back from BlogHer in San Francisco on Monday when I saw a clip on ESPN (thanks for the tv's at each seat Virgin America) that floored me. Becky Hammon, who was came in second in the MVP voting last year for the WNBA, felt slighted by the American Olympic Women's Basketball Team when a list of potential players was released without her name on it so she decided to play for the Russian Olympic Team. Becky Hammon was born and raised in South Dakota. ...more

Aren't traitors people who turn against our country in times of war, selling secrets that ...more

At 50, the stroke is still there for Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman.

The stroke is still there for  Nancy Lieberman. With five players handed league suspensions after Tuesday’s scuffle against the Los Angeles Sparks, the Shock went out and signed Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman to a seven- day contract. Lieberman had been the general manager and head coach of the Shock from 1998-2000, and is currently a television analyst. ...more